May 11, 2021

How Do You Find Out an Unknown Number on Your iPhone?

Are you looking for ways to stop calls from unknown numbers?

You can’t block the number when it shows up as “anonymous” or “restricted.”

How Do You Find Out an Unknown Number on Your iPhone?: eAskme
How Do You Find Out an Unknown Number on Your iPhone?: eAskme

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Yet, there are other things you can do to stop getting unwanted calls.

In this article, we will explain some of the most effective ways to help you stop unwanted calls from an unknown number.

Call Your Carrier

Many phone carriers provide anonymous caller IDs to their clients because they have records of all your previous calls.

This service automatically checks every call’s authenticity. If someone tries to call you from an unknown number, they’ll have to reveal it if they want to proceed.

Once that happens, you can use CheckPeople website or another people finder to see whom the number is registered to.

Call your carrier and let them know you’re receiving calls from an unknown number to have this service enabled.

If your phone company offers this service, the operator will ask you when you got these calls and to confirm your name and address.

Check out TrapCall

You can use TrapCall to have unknown numbers revealed and blocked.

This app will unmask the identity of a caller who has enabled the No Caller ID feature – regardless of what kind of number they’re calling from, mobile or landline.

Additionally, TrapCall will blacklist the number, so when the person calls you again, they’ll get the message that your number isn’t in service or has been disconnected. 

TrapCall records incoming calls, blocks spam calls automatically, and more. It’s worth looking into.

Turn on ‘Silence Unknown Callers’

If your iOS version is 13 or newer, you can use this feature to block spam calls. It blocks phone numbers that you haven’t saved as contacts or have never been in contact with.

It will not block a number that someone has shared with you in an email or a number you’ve previously used to send someone a text message.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Phone, then to Silence after scrolling down the menu. This will silence calls from unknown numbers, sending them right to voicemail.

They will appear in your list of missed calls, though.

However, calls from numbers you’ve saved will come through, as well as those from Siri Suggestions, while informing you who you’re getting a call from.

The system will disable the Silence function for 24 hours if an emergency call is made to allow access to your iPhone.

Before you activate the function, you should check to see whether you saved all your relevant contacts so you don’t miss an important phone call.

Detect and Filter Spam Calls

You can get an app to detect and filter spam calls from the App Store.

You can even get more than one because many different companies offer them.

To do this;

Go to “Tap Call Blocking” under “Settings > Phone.” Turn the app on or off under “Allow Apps To Block…”

This will activate caller ID, too. It’s possible to rearrange them on a priority basis.

If you no longer want to use a specific app, you can turn it off or uninstall it. Under Blocked Contacts, there are only those which you’ve blocked manually.

When you get a call, the phone identifies the number and compares it to a list generated by your anti-spam apps. iPhones will display “telemarketing” or “spam” if there's a match.

Furthermore, many apps block spam calls automatically.

Third-party developers never get incoming calls. It’s also possible to block spam numbers manually on your iPhone once you identify them as such.

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