Twitter Blue Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet, Ad-Free News, Bookmark Collection

Twitter Blue will be the new Twitter subscription service. You can expect to see a bookmark collection, undo send feature in the new premium Twitter subscription.

According to the recent developments, it is said that Twitter will launch undo tweets feature.

Twitter Blue Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet, Ad-Free News, Bookmark Collection: eAskme
Twitter Blue Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet, Ad-Free News, Bookmark Collection: eAskme

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Jane Manchun Wong has said that the new subscription service may be called Twitter blue and start at $2.99/month.

We are already aware of Twitter's intention to launch more premium features on its platform.

The only thing that we are not sure about is the cost of these premium features.

Wong has tweeted about it.

According to Wong, users have t pay $2.99/month to access premium features.

Undo Sent Tweet:

Twitter users will have a 6-second window to reconsider his tweet before it goes live for the world.
This will help the user to identify typing mistakes or reconsider content.

The "Undo" button will stop the tweet from publishing, and then the user can make the necessary changes.

Some users may question this feature as people can delete the tweet and then publish the new one without paying anything.

But there is one issue with deleted tweets. They keep showing in the users' timelines as long as they do not sign out or close the Twitter app.

So even when you delete the tweet, there are still people who can see it or take a screenshot of that.

Undo feature will make the Tweet removed completely from the Twitter platform.

Bookmark Collection:

The Bookmark Collection feature will allow the users to drop the bookmarks in different folders.

Right now, all bookmarks go on the same list.

With premium features, users can create categories to save bookmarks accordingly.

Ad-Free News Articles:

By acquiring Scroll, Twitter has confirmed that they are interested in launching an ad-free experience. This will help Twitter to manage revenue share with publishers.

There are chances that Twitter can ask you to pay more to access Scroll features.

You may get the feature to click on the link and read the news within the Twitter app without ads.


Twitter is seriously working on launching a subscription-based service with premium features.

It will be good to see how people will react to such features.

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It seems that in the coming days, Twitter will release a lot of updates and features.

Stay tuned with us for the latest Twitter Updates.

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