May 05, 2021

Twitter Acquires Scroll an ad-free News Reader to Launch the Subscription Based Services

Twitter acquires Scroll. 


Because Twitter wants to launch a subscription-based service or feature to remove ads from news websites or something like that.

This latest deal will help Twitter to develop subscription offerings with the help of Scroll. With this, the users will see an ad-free experience by paying a monthly fee.

Twitter Acquires Scroll an ad-free News Reader to Launch the Subscription Based Services: eAskme
Twitter Acquires Scroll an ad-free News Reader to Launch the Subscription Based Services: eAskme

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Twitter will launch some subscription-based services in future, and Scroll will be helpful in that process.

If you are an existing subscriber of Scroll, you can still use it, but is not accepting new registrations.

Scroll users are paying $5/month for an ad-free experience. The site claims that it has helped publishers to earn more than what they earn from displaying ads.

By paying a nominal fee, the user on Scroll gets access to 100s of news website without ads.

Twitter finds this model attractive for its plans.

Twitter + Scroll, FUTURE:

The Scroll is helping Twitter to create a user experience without friction and frustration.

Twitter has also claimed that Scroll will be used to launch upcoming subscription-based services. But it is not clear when?

The only assumption is that Twitter will use Scroll to offer an ad-free experience.

Note: Twitter has also acquired Revue in January 2021.

Twitter is now exploring ways to monetize newsletters. You can find the newsletter features rolled out worldwide “Super Follow” feature.

By acquiring Scroll, Twitter has cleared its intention to launch subscription-based services in future.

Twitter has also said that their subscription-based service will not impact the basic functionality of the microblogging platform.

Users will keep on using Twitter for free but also have the option to go for premium services.

Where Nuzzel Stands?

The Scroll team is also behind news monitoring service, Nuzzel. But Nuzzel is shutting down on May 6 2021.

It is said that Twitter may or may not adopt its capabilities.

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