August 03, 2021

YouTube Launching “New to You” feed for Mobile Users

Are you on YouTube? If yes, then you should know about the major update that will help creators grab more views and help users find other exciting content.

YouTube mobile homepage will start showing the “New to you” feature. By going there, you will find content you have never seen before.

It will improve the content discoverability on YouTube.

YouTube Launching “New to You” feed for Mobile Users: eAskme
YouTube Launching “New to You” feed for Mobile Users: eAskme

Channels find it interesting as they will get more viewers without doing anything extra.

For a long time, YouTube users have been complaining that the feed always filled the same type of content they are viewing every day.

The YouTube “New to You” feature is helping those who want more refreshing content. It will work as a content recommendation on YouTube.

Here is everything that you must know about the New to You feature of YouTube.

What is YouTube’s “New to You” feed?

As the name suggests, “New to You” will display the new content for the user.

To access the “New to You” feed, the user has to open the YouTube app and find “New to You” in the topic carousel row.

YouTube’s ‘New To You’ Feed: eAskme

 Tap on “New to You,” and you will see the list of content recommendations on YouTube.

You will also get the New to You prompt if you scroll a lot but have not seen anything interesting till now.

Difference between “New to You” and “Explorer Feed”:

Explorer feed help users find the content based on categories like gaming, beauty, trending, etc. It is not a personalized option.

The “New to You” feed is more personalized. With it, YouTube will display content that users can find interesting but have not seen it.


YouTube’s “New to You” feed is a unique feature. I like recommendations as they help to find more exciting content.

And YouTube is also following the same idea but with more practicality.

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