August 01, 2021

How to Create a Website Using WordPress?

In the present-day scenario, the utility of websites is beyond explanation.

Websites primarily dominate every single corner of the world. It's not just entrepreneurs that require websites.

They are needed for recognition by everyday users as well.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress?: eAskme
How to Create a Website Using WordPress?: eAskme

Earlier, it was a daunting task to build a well-organized website. But in the present circumstances, building a successful website is a piece of cake.

With the help of WordPress, you can now easily create one of your own.

A few things are to be kept in mind while creating a website. And if you are one of those people who have no idea about WordPress, we welcome you.

Here you will find every in and out of website creation with WordPress.

Hold tight!

How to make a website: Step-by-step procedure

Creating a website is not rocket science.

The discovery of WordPress has decreased the difficulty level a lot. Statistics claim that 64.8% of all websites use WordPress (reports say it all).

So, you may understand very well how predominant WordPress is in the web world.

Here is a step-by-step process to create a website on WordPress.

Choose WordPress

There are numerous website-building platforms.

People also know them by CMS, aka Content Management System.

They give you some creative tools to put down your ideas tactfully without coding and decoding.

There are hundreds and thousands of building platforms.

But WordPress is the king's crown. So, the first and foremost step is to choose WordPress as the building platform.

If you want to ace the art of website building, you may check WordPress developer Sydney.

Fix a name

This is probably the most enjoyable task while building a website with WordPress. You are entirely free here.

So you may use your wit and humor while picking a name for your website. Now, remember that there are about 2 billion websites all over the internet.

So being original here might seem a little daunting.

But there are some tips for you to be successful at picking names:

  1. Try to keep the names related to the niche of your website.
  2. Make sure the name is short and easy to memorize.
  3. Put all your creative caliber to use and create something that sounds incredibly interesting.

Buy a domain and hosting

There is nothing to be worried about. While buying a domain and hosting, you will not need an extra tech head. Just a simple calculation will do.

First, choose a reputable hosting that is optimized for WordPress. Then, choose a convenient hosting plan.

Plans generally cost $2.75 to $5.45 per month.

Now it is time for you to choose a domain name. Be intelligent enough to select a domain because your customers will be searching for you.

Install WordPress

Since the hosting you used is optimized for WordPress, this step will not be difficult.

After installing WordPress, simply login to the WordPress button from the hosting page, and Ta-da!

You have arrived at the destination successfully.

Select theme

This is a creative section of the whole process. Every website you see has attractive designs and themes.

Likewise, you should also decorate your website with innovative themes and color combinations.

And WordPress is probably the best building platform for themes and varieties.

You can get free customization and buy some of the highlighted stuff as well. You can even customize one for yourself if you want.

Determine appearance

A well-organized website should have proper navigation, a menu section, and separate content areas. So, plan wisely and execute accordingly.

Create different navigation buttons like Home, Contact us, About us, and many more.

Try to decorate the web tags with creative slide animation movies. Select a specific font for a recognized identity.


Now comes the essential part of all, the addition of content.

Understand the pursuit of your website and add content accordingly.

If possible, add a comment section at the bottom of each content.

Also, it gives extra credit if you attach the social media tags (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) at the end. The engagement becomes more vivid.

Final thoughts

A website is an amalgamation of multiple things. Branding, sales, marketing, and creative developments are a few to name.

Knowing them all at once is, of course, not possible. But nowadays, the invention of these building platforms has lowered the stress.

Using the features creatively may fetch you hundreds and thousands of followers and customers.

Therefore, scan through every word carefully. Explore every section of WordPress, and you will be a webmaster very soon!

Good luck

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