August 31, 2021

7 Solid Reasons to Invest in Guest Posting

By Sona Mathews

If you are investing in digital marketing, guest posting is not something you should ignore. It’s one of the essential parts of any digital campaign.

Moreover, it works as one of the pillars on which your online business is built.

Seven Solid Reasons to Invest in Guest Posting: eAskme
Seven Solid Reasons to Invest in Guest Posting: eAskme

If you understand that it is something important, you should also know what guest posting is.

It’s writing an article, putting a link to your website in it, and publishing it on another website.

Most people use it for SEO purposes, but it’s also a content marketing tactic.

Here I have discussed why you should invest in guest posting.

Build Safest Backlinks

There are several types of backlinks, such as niche edits and forum posting.

However, there is a risk involved with each type.

The main goal of a backlink is to act as a vote of confidence for your website.

Search engines like Google are particularly cautious about ensuring that each vote is legit and natural.

If you don’t build the correct link according to a plan, your website can end up with a penalty.

A penalty could mean lower ranking and, in the worst-case scenario, de-indexing.

Guest posts are considered the safest type of backlinks.

It’s not a random link you put on any forum. You have to write quality content and then put a contextual link in it.

If you hire the right service provider, the article will be published on a clean and relevant website, which makes those links safe and powerful.

This is why you should know about the the 5 best guest posting services on the market and choose one that provides nothing less than the best quality.

Increase Website Traffic

Each guest post contains a link to your website.

If you have put the link in the right place and it’s contextual, you should expect people to click on it to visit your website.

It would only be possible if you use the services of an experienced writer who knows how to engage readers and provide them value.

You encourage them to click the link without giving the feel that you are promoting something.

You create a road to your website with each post and link.

If the articles were posted on sites with high traffic, you would get more links.

This is why you should always check the monthly traffic and the domain authority and spam score.

Generate Qualified Leads

It’s not just that you get more visitors to your website through guest posting.

You get relevant people who have already read about your product, service, or brand.

This means that you don’t have to provide complete information all over again.

People who have already been introduced to your brand through guest posts are more likely to convert to a lead and then a customer.

Try to create a good image of your company by writing content that only focuses on providing value.

No one would believe your words if they feel like you are just promoting your business.

So instead, talk as if you are writing to help them.

If you try to convince them on your website, this job would be more difficult.

Each prospect has to go through every stage of the buyer’s journey.

You start by informing them of a problem and end by introducing yourself as the best solution.

A guest post does all this without sounding biased or salesy, making it easy to convince the readers.

When they are convinced they are, if not the best, one of the best solutions, they will visit your website and, at least, see what you have to offer.

Increase Brand Awareness

Things, especially sales and marketing, are a lot easier when you are a brand.

You have to spend some time in the industry and provide excellent service to become a brand.

However, you have to get started somewhere and invest in the right practices to accelerate the process.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

You don’t become a brand overnight, but you have to work according to a strategy.

This means you must have business values and a story that will inspire people.

You should have something good about your brand to market.

Then, with the right guest posting planning and good core values, promoting the brand will be much easier and efficient.

Create Personal Brand

Another benefit of guest posting is its help in building a personal brand.

People want to interact with people. They feel uncomfortable talking to a company.

When you write a guest post and add your author bio, they start to feel a connection.

They get to know your name, leading the company, and knowing so much about the industry.

Personal branding helps you promote more than one business.

No matter what product, service, or company you launch, people who know you would be willing to do business with you.

Appear as an Industry Leader

A well-written guest post helps you build an image as an industry leader.

In addition, a guest post is supposed to provide valuable information to readers.

It identifies a problem and provides an educated solution.

People who learn the solution see you as someone who knows what he is talking about.

They start to see you as someone who has publications and guides people about the solution.

Everyone wants to work with companies leading the industry because they would have the most up-to-date and out-of-the-box solutions.

Build Online Authority

You build online authority for your target audience and search engines.

Guest posting helps build both types of authority.

Search engines see your mention on multiple relevant websites, many of which are linking to your website.

Many people get to read your article, and they see your name and the name of your brand. They might not remember you, but they will recall when they see you again.

This familiarity helps build authority, which leads to winning their trust.

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