July 05, 2019

How to Use Guest Blogging for Building Links Naturally

By Sona Mathews
When it comes to building Links, most of the bloggers, marketers, and SEO professionals talk about guest blogging. Guest blogging can be a compelling way to build high-quality links and spread brand awareness but only for those who do it in the right way.

How to Use Guest Blogging for Building Links Naturally: eAskme
How to Use Guest Blogging for Building Links Naturally: eAskme

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Still, some people are not finding their way to success with the help of guest blog posting. The big reason is that there guest posting attempts were unsuccessful.

The reality is that guest blogging is only fruitful for those who do it correctly.

What is Guest Blogging?

What is Guest blogging: eAskme

Guest posting or guest blogging is about publishing content written by you on the blogs, or websites of other individuals, brands or businesses.  But only when they are related to your niche.

Most of the times, a guest blogger include a link to his website or blog into the guest post to drive traffic to his website.

People also do it for earning backlinks, but this is getting stressful day by day as most of the websites are adding nofollow to stop the link juice from passing.

Guest blogging is one of the widely used strategies in the SEO world.

When a guest blogging strategy connects two websites from the similar niche, it become more fruitful for the host website and guest writer.

Usually, brands, businesses, and bloggers invite experts to write guest posts on their blogs to build connections, brand awareness, and link building.

Benefits of guest blogging:

Guest blogging benefits: eAskme

No one will be doing guest blogging if there will not be any benefit.

I have already shared the benefits of guest blogging, and some of them are here;

Brand Awareness:

The modern guest blogging approach is not limited to link building only. It is now more focused on increasing brand awareness and spreading the word about the business or website.

You can target blogs, events, seminars, etc. to build more connection and spread awareness about their business.

To leave the impression, you need to be creative and open the doors of your imagination.

Increased transitions to your blog or website:

When you are placing the link in the guest post, you will be attracting readers of the host website to visit your website or blog.

Sometimes you can also direct them to your landing page for better conversion and traffic.

Build Relationships:

Guest blogging is also helpful for you to build a strong social and mutually beneficial relationship with others.

When you allow others to publish the guest post on your blog or website, you are also inviting them to share the content you have published on your blog and read what you have already written.

This is also an excellent way to build authority in your niche and get move guest posting invitations.

Best Guest Posting Strategy for Using Guest Blogging for natural Link Building

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities:

Find blogs or websites accepting guest posts:

This is a significant step that can take some time, or you can take the help of Google search or list of guest blogging websites to find the best sites according to your niche.

It is also necessary that you plan a strategy for your guest posts.

You can also use keywords and queries to find relevant guest blogging friendly websites.

Track Competitor links:
Track the links of your competitors and find out on which websites they are publishing guest posts.

Analyze the strength and weaknesses of your competitor website and the website where you want to publish the guest post.

You can also use the tools like Moz link explorer and Netpeak Spider for this job.

Target influencer’s behavior:
It is always good to learn from the experience and expertise of influencers.

Target successful bloggers and find out how they are targeting guest blogs.

Keep checking the social behaviors of influencers in your niche.

Create a list of all the websites or blog where you can publish guest posts.

Refine the list of guest blogging websites:

  • Start tracking the traffic and keywords of websites.
  • This will help you find out if the site is relevant or not.

When looking for websites with guest post look for;

Sites with high Domain Authority (exception: sometimes even the best websites in your niche can have low DA, so check wisely)

Quality of published content:

Before you plan to publish a guest post on a website, first visit some posts and find out the content they are producing is valuable or not.

Try to find out if people are following the website or blog and if the site carries some social proof.

If you find the definite answers, then go ahead with the guest posting on that site.

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is one of the few essential things that you must look for in a website or blog where you want to publish a guest post.

It is always wise to go for the sites with the highest number of organic traffic.

Author bio:

How vital is author bio?

Well, it is crucial. It is the place where you can tell the world about who you are? What you do and where they can find more about you and your writings.

Creative Guest post Ideas:

To write an excellent guest post, the very first thing you need is an impressive guest post idea.

If you do not know what to post, then you will end up with some meaningless post.

It is necessary that the article you are writing to publish as a guest post must connect and interact with the readers of the host website.

Writing about popular topics will help your guest post to be impressive and link to be worthy.

You can also take the help of tools like CoSchedule or Buzzsumo to generate content ideas.

Write audience specific guest posts.


Outreach is one of the essential parts of the guest posting campaign.

You need to reach the contact us section or grab the email ids and drop the emails to let webmasters know about your intention of publishing a guest post on their websites or blogs.

You can use tools like Anymail Finder and Interseller to find the email addresses.

Patience is the key here.

You cannot expect every webmaster or majority of webmasters to reply to your outreach emails within a day or two.

Large website or blog owners usually ignore such emails as they get tons of outreach emails every day.

Building a good relationship is the key to get published on other websites or blogs quickly.

Use Ego boosting, social meeting, and some other strategies to start appreciating the webmasters through your posts.

This will help you easily grab their attention and quickly build a relationship.

When sending a personal message to an influencer or webmaster must follow these rules;
  • Write a unique text.

  • Use a neutral email address.

  • Start with greetings and introduction.

  • Tell them what you liked on their website or blogs and if you have already written about them or published about them on your blog.

  • Tell them why you are contacting them.

  • Share guest post ideas.

  • Share examples.

  • Offer them to advertise their website on social media networks.

Create Post:

Once you get the positive response from the webmaster, the next thing to start writing articles.

When writing a guest post article, keep these things in your mind;
  • Follow the guest blogging guidelines for a quick approval.

  • Optimize your post.

  • Include a link to relevant sources and your blog.

  • After writing, proofread the post and fix all the grammatical errors.

Tracking and Analyzing:

The key to become a useful guest blogger is to have patience.

Track the performance of each post and learn how it will be impacting your brand in the future.

You can use a spreadsheet like content scoring to track and analyze the results.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Understand the basics of guest blogging before you take the next step;

  • Guest blogging is about publishing unique content on the website related to your niche.

  • Guest blogging is there to improve traffic, conversion, and increase brand awareness.

  • To maximize the impact of guest blogging, find the relevant websites or blogs, and publish the content which is related to the interest of their readers.

  • To get more backlinks, including expert interviews, discounts, scholarships, and forums.
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