September 12, 2018

How to Build Authority Links for SEO in 2024?

Swiftly establishing online search rankings via SEO methods, views and increased visibility can be an extremely competitive endeavor for new websites. Online users have near innumerable choices of previously known and trusted websites to visit. While not impossible, establishing online credibility, respectability, authority and viewing loyalty for a new website can feel that way.

A newly launched blog, website or online business needs appreciable numbers of views, returning traffic and high online search rankings. 

The sooner, the better. 

One solution to rapidly establishing an online presence is through building authority links.

How to Build Authority Links for SEO in 2024: eAskme
How to Build Authority Links for SEO in 2024: eAskme

Authority SEO links are links that are posted on websites of trusted authoriuty, esteem, age and credibility that route traffic back to your website.

Although, “authority,” is a relative term, it’s basically the equivalent of an unknown actor being endorsed by a celebrity. 

Authority links can augment your online visibility, direct immense amounts of traffic towards you and propel your ranking.

How to Build Authority Links for SEO in 2024?

It is not easy to build authority links. Authority websites can include government and/or education related institutions, corporate websites, industry and business market dominant websites, news or a popular culture website.  

However, we have some strategies that can help you.

Look For Strategic Opportunities:

Authority links are notoriously hard to acquire.

Playing the long game may be your best opportunity. Keep situational awareness of the progress of relevant websites that may serve your needs in the future.

Watch out for opportunities.

Link Building for local business

“It will be more fruitful to look for opportunities that present themselves than to actively seek out authority links for a new, unknown site,” explains Stuart McHenry who owns McKremie a USA SEO Company.

Acquire and Redirect Broken and/or Dead Links:

One authority link can be equivalent in value to several low-popularity websites. One strategically persuasive way to gain the attention of an authority website is to increase traffic substantially and swiftly on your own. 

You might be able to do this by acquiring dead and/or broken links and replacing them with links to your own website.

This is an involved process. Contact the owners or webmasters connected to the broken link and negotiate to replace the broken link with your own.

Instead of being directed to a 404 error, users will be directed to your site. Make sure the broken/dead link has some relevance to you.

See to it that your site fully replaces the broken/dead link. Your search rankings could plummet if your site features multiple broken/dead links. 

Acquiring links from low quality websites is self-defeating, so do your research. Also, buying links or having multiple broken/dead links can result in penalties.

Write Quality, Substantive Content:

Consistently write and post quality content onto your website. Like articles, blog posts and commentary to appeal, inform or offer value to site visitors. Create link worthy content.

Encourage site visitors to comment and share. Websites that post new blogs routinely may receive a 97% surge of incoming link activity.

Write Guest Posts on Authority Sites:

This can be a slow but steady way to build authority links back to your own website. Look for such opportunities to actively network and pitch ideas for guest posts with the owners and webmasters of authority sites. 

Over time, you can build credibility and a reputation with your audience. Also, since guest post bios usually allow for links, this can be a long-game stealth strategy to organically build authority links.

Provide Comprehensive, Valuable, and Free Information:

This will require dedication, extensive research, hard work and gauging the needs of your audience, but will be worth it in the long run.

Provide free, valuable and educational information to online audiences who frequent authority sites. As long as you keep at it and provide information that connects with readers, you can create a self-perpetuating cycle of link building.

Free, helpful information will attract more viewers than trying to get them to pay for such information. Link this information on forums, social media and authority sites. Readers may share it with other readers and sites. 

The owners and webmasters of authority sites, spurred by the sharing of your content by their audience, might begin linking to your site.

Stay Vigilant and Look for Opportunities:

Stay vigilant and look for opportunities. Always focus on providing high quality content. Network and connect with the audiences of authority sites.

Strategize how to organically build authority links with a long-term game plan. It won’t easy, but it won’t be impossible either.


Link building is all about building authority for your business blog or website. It is really necessary to focus on all ingredients of SEO to build high quality backlinks.

Are you building links for your website?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.