July 02, 2022

4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

Trending topics, link building, more traffic and more conversions are the four primary reasons why every brand, business or blog needs SEO.

Search engine optimization is there to help you optimize your website, and it’s content according to the latest search engine ranking factors.

No matter you are a blogger, SEO expert, webmaster or a brand, if you want to grow in today’s world, then SEO is one of the most crucial parts of your business structure.

4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme
4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

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You need SEO to increase your brand presence online — this help to boost engagement and customer outreach for your business.

SEO friendly content will help you generate more backlinks, social shares and organic traffic.

You may think about content marketing for link building or overall optimization or your website for better result.

There is no doubt that people find fresh and latest updates more interesting than reading the old content.

The easiest way to offer your audience fresh content is by publishing about latest events or popular topics.

Publishing trendy topic in your niche will not only help you grab the attention of your readers but also attract influencers who find your content useful.

This will help you earn links through relationship building.

Trendy topics will quickly;
Here are the 4 powerful ways to earn links and highly targeted traffic by publishing trendy topics.

Be the first:

be the first: 4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

It is essential to be the first to publish the content which is about to go viral.

This will increase your chances to get maximum traffic as compared to those who publish it after many days.

After the content goes viral, you will find tons of website competition by publishing the same topic.

Publishing early or first will help you gain authority and leave an impression.

There are tons of tools that will help you to find;
  • Current events

  • Viral content

  • Latest updates

  • Trendy stories
Whenever a story is about to break the internet, you should start writing about it in your voice and manner.

Tools to find Latest trendy topic or content:

Google Trends:

Google trends is by far the most powerful tool that you should use to dig the trending topics and stories.

It will display you the topic with the search volume, and you will know the popularity of the topic.

You can also check related keywords there.

I have already shared how you should use Google trends.

You can search the topic internationally, or you can target country or region using filters.

It is always advisable to use Google Trends to find trending topics and stories in your niche to earn backlinks and boost traffic.


Facebook is not limited to chatting with friends or liking your brand or follow others.

There is much more than what businesses, brands, and bloggers can do on this social media giant.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a great place to find trendy stories and topics on the social media network.

You can use hashtags to explore the popularity and engagement of the topics on Facebook. You will find out how people are reacting about the content.

Facebook is not limited to text-based stories only.

Now you can check;

You can also use Facebook polls to find out what your followers are interested in.


Like Facebook, this micro-blogging giant is one of the best social media networks to find a trendy topic in any niche.

You can find trendy;
  • Celebrity gossips

  • News

  • Discoveries

  • Social issues, etc.
Go to the Trending section of Twitter to find out the most popular trendy topics on Twitter.

You can also use hashtags on Twitter to find more about topics related to your blog or niche.

hashtag: 4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

You should also follow the industry experts to stay tuned with the latest updates, which will also attract your audience.


Reddit is not as popular as Facebook and Twitter, but it doesn't mean that you should ignore this platform.

Reddit is one of the best places to find highly targeted topics which are trending online.

You can not only find the content related to your niche, but you can also share the content you have published on your website.

It is an excellent place to promote your content.

You should target subreddits to find trendy topics, related stories and even infographics.

The more you engage on Reddit, the better Karma score you will earn.

This will also boost the opportunities for engagement.

Reddit is one of the must visit the place to find trending topics that will help you build links.

New Opportunities:

New Opportunities: 4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

Now, as you have discovered the topic or topics you want to write about the next thing is to collect data and gather resources to create exceptionally informational content.

The more information you put with storytelling style, the more chances you have to attract visitors and influencers.

When writing to build links, you need to think beyond just writing articles.

You need to;

If you do not want to start from scratch, then start to look into your analytics report and find which content your audience find more interesting.

When you are looking for content opportunities ask yourself following questions;

  • The gap in Information:
Find out if there is a gap in the information that you have covered on your website or blog.

Find out what your competitors are missing?

Also, look for the opportunities where you can create better content.
  • Audience Interest:
Writing to fill your blog with content will not help you.

You need to find why people are visiting your website, and what more they want from you?

Find out how you can offer them more information and better solution.

Can you create fresh content or update old content with current information.
  • Competitors:
Keep an eye on your competitors and look for what they are doing better than you.

If they are covering topics related to your niche, then you should also include similar issues.
  • Learn from history:
If you are a blogger, then you should learn from the history of blogging.

If you are a brand or webmaster, still you should look at the historical data of your website analytics and user engagement.

Find out what worked in the past and what is completely useless now.

Replace outdated content and outdated strategies with the latest ones.
  • Grab the interest:
To find what type of content people find more interesting, you need to do some research.

The search of the keywords and queries to find out what the audience wants and how they are asking the same question in different ways.

This will help you solve the related problems with one piece of content and increase the credibility of your content.

No matter how trendy topics you will find in your research, only use which are relevant to your niche.

Here your understanding will broadly impact the customer and influencer outreach.

Create Engaging Content:

engaging cotent: 4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

The biggest reason why I recommend writing about trending topics is that there is nothing wrong and it has more benefits.

You need not invest anything.

I have already shared the tips to help you create content that will attract backlinks and traffic.


When it comes to creating content, the format is critical.

Even if you are writing blog posts, you need to add extra layers of cheesy lines, heading, subheading and formatting to show your creative writing skills.

You can adopt the format from your competitors, or you can develop your format.

Some people like writing listicles, some like how to article, some create short videos, and some create long explainer videos.

There are endless possibilities about how you format your content.

When publishing favorite topics, you must understand that people want the quick resolution.

Make sure that you stay to the point and rather than going lengthy focus on talking about each point.

The quickly people grasp the information, the more shares your content will receive.

Target Wider Audience:

You may have heard people talking about targeting a specific set of audience.

There is nothing wrong in that.

But, if you want to boost your content reach and want to make it go viral, then you must open the doors for a wider audience.

The biggest audience you will target the more social shares, traffic and link building opportunities you will earn.

This will help you get;
  • More traffic

  • More backlinks

  • More social shares

Add Visual Content:

Even if you are creating a blog post, still you should include images, videos and infographics to boost the visual appeal of your content.

More visually appealing content is the key to attract more visitors.

Rather than just blindly using free stock photos, focus on creating memorable images or personally created visuals to make the article look unique.

Unique images and infographics boost the engagement level of every single person in this world

Use images to make your article compelling to receive more shares.

This will also help you to target the people who are interested in visual content quickly.

You can also use different visual options to repurpose your content.

For example, you can share the infographic on Pinterest, videos on YouTube and images on Instagram.

Optimize for SERP:

Optimizing your content for search engines will open the door of better search engine ranking.
This will help you quickly earn backlinks by publishing trendy topics.

If you are new to SEO or still struggling to become an SEO expert, then you should hire a Freelance SEO professional or an SEO agency or SEO consultant to get the job done.

SEO copywriters and content marketers are there to help you improve the SEO performance of your content.

You can also take the help of SEO checklist or become an SEO professional yourself.

Even if your website is not ready, you should start optimizing the content from the very first day.

This will help you quickly build link backs to your content.

Optimize for Maximum Sharing:

4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

Publishing trending topics on your blog or website is one of the most effective ways to maximize your social reach and sharing.

People love to share trendy topics and viral stories. If you offer them the same, then it will also work for you.

To make people share your content, you must enable sharing options or sharing buttons on your blog or website.

Also, create impressive titles and heading to attract people.

Also, optimize your website for mobile. Responsive design and fast loading website will help to improve the user experience and social shares.

Influencer always links to the content which has the maximum number of social shares.

Repurpose Content:

4 Ways How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic: eAskme

Repurposing your old content on other websites or blogs or channels will help you earn more social shares and one-way backlinks.

This is an effective way to spread the word about your business and leave an impression.

You cannot expect someone to visit your blog or website or link back to your content by merely sharing posts on Facebook.

You have to develop a strong social and content marketing strategy.

If you are not able to invest much on your business then here are few things that you must do to earn link backs using trending topics;
  • Create slider videos using your old content and share on YouTube.
  • Talk about the topic on Facebook Live

  • Share the images on Instagram

  • Share the infographics on Pinterest.

  • Run Email marketing campaigns to earn backlinks.

  • Share in Facebook groups

  • Run Facebook ads

  • Use email outreach to build high-quality backlinks

  • Run promotions and giveaways

  • Ask your friends to share your content.
Be active on prominent social networks and find out where people engage with your content.

When it comes to repurposing your content, go unique.

Analyze the traffic and social performance to find out which networks are helping your business to multiply.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Always use trending topics to supercharge your content marketing strategy. This will help your content to go viral and earn backlinks and traffic.

Make sure that you always share the latest and updated trends on your blog to make people wait for your next post.

Share your content and analyze the result.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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