November 08, 2015

How to Start With Guest Blogging - Beginners Guide

You want an instant traffic gun, that is Guest Posting. Writing a guest post on blogs bring direct traffic. I also write guest posts on many blogs. Guest posting also gives a quick backlink and a lot of traffic and followers.

How to Start With Guest Blogging - Beginners Guide : eAskme
How to Start With Guest Blogging - Beginners Guide : eAskme

Before I share about how to start with guest blogging, first find out how to choose a blog for guest posting.

How to select Blog for Guest Posting?

Always remember that you should not pick any blog to write a guest post. We should focus on articles on the blog and then decide what to write and apply for the same type of articles.

 If I don`t have an idea on what to write, then I can`t write any good blog post. I can`t write a blog post that already available on that blog.

How to Start With Guest Blogging - Beginners Guide

Guest posting is one of the oldest SEO Tactics. But you should take care of following things while writing a guest post.

Write Guest Post :

Pick a blog and write a guest post. Be sure that post you are writing should not be already written on that blog. Make your post content unique and new.

Don`t worry even if your post gets rejected. Even if your article gets rejected, you can apply for the next blog. You can ask for feedback also.

Keep in Mind :

Always write guest posts for your favorite blogs as you already know the content of that blog. You can give backlinks to an old article. This is good for SEO. This will make your posts more credible. Do not use promotional links.

Contact Blog Owner :

If you know the blog owner than you can ask him personally and if you do not him then write an email with your contact details and your article and send that to him. Also include your social network info in the signature and your email id.

Get Traffic :

As you do a blog post, your blog traffic starts increasing same time and also it gives you so many followers and blog subscribers. Write killer posts. Do instant and useful roundup.

Guest Post Promotions :

Promote your articles on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. It will be beneficial to you. Link your blog post with other useful articles. This way help to promote other blogs also. This will increase backlinks, your authority, and favor.

Reply Comments :

You should be active in replying to comments also. Reply to each comment and explain all and resolve doubts and queries of readers. This will increase your authority, and also you build trust with readers. Also follow this advice for a serious blog commenting.

How Many Guest Post You Should do for a Particular Blog :

There is not a limit. You can do one, two or more. You can get a lot of traffic and subscribers from guest posts. I also do guest posting and get a lot of traffic.

Leave your questions and comments. Do share your strategies. 
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