June 04, 2022

Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links

Do you know why relationship building matters? Do you know how relationship building can help you build trust and earn high-quality links for your business? Do you also know what you should do to build trust and strong relationships?

When it comes to building relationships with influencers or industry experts, the first and most important thing is trust.

Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links: eAskme
Relationship Building: 5 Ways to Build trust and Earn High-Quality Links: eAskme

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You cannot build a relationship in your personal and professional life without trust.

It is essential to build trust with your targeted audience to supercharge your marketing strategies.

Building trust, you will build authority for your business.

Authority and trust building are necessary tools to forge a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

When I say mutually beneficial, it means a relationship which includes everything such as connecting fans, followers, peers and customers.

It is also about adding value to the influencer business, and they will repay you with links, branding or much more.

Now you may have similar questions like everyone else, such as;
  • How to build trust to establish a long-lasting connection?
  • What should you do which grab the attention of influencers?

Create Invaluable link worthy content:

If you are serious about link building and want to build a strong relationship with experts, then you should focus on creating link-worthy articles.

Usually, a worthy link content is packed with resources, data and facts.

Here are the two best examples of worthy link content;
These guides are the perfect examples of link worthy content where the audience can find the answer of their all or most of the questions in one go.

It may look more comfortable, but in reality, it is most challenging to put together all the information and resources in one place. It takes time, hard work and patience.

It is not easy as most of the newbie or people do not understand why they need to create invaluable backlink worthy content.

Focus on these questions, and you will understand what I am trying to tell;

What do you want to write about?

Have you followed the Eagle eye concept to research the interests of your audience their problems and questions?

Are you planning to target keywords in your content? What are those keywords? What about keyword research?

What do you want to achieve with your content marketing?

Are you going to write or someone else? Are you using proofreading service? Will you add infographics and impressive images or creative visuals?

Have you pulled all the necessary resources and references to use in your content?
  • When will you publish your content?
  • What about content promotion?
Here is the tip: Multiple the number of articles you will publish in a month with these questions.

The result may make you scream!

You will see that you have to do a lot of planning, strategies, scheduling and hard work.

The fact is the more you practice writing link worthy the content, the sooner it will become your hobby.

Your job is to create a flawless and perfect source of information that attracts not only visitors but also the industry experts.

High-quality content must have these ingredients;


Narrative writing and researched data

Interact, Engage and Respond:

It is not easy to create content that can build trust among readers and influencers.

If you work as a lone wolf, then you will end up in the fortress of solitude.

Stop being a princess!

Instead of just writing posting and writing posting all the time, focus on being responsive, engaging and present for the queries and questions of your audience.


You are not a machine:

Do you think you are a machine?

No, you are not.

Then, why are you publishing content like a machine?

It is the time when you should show that you are real.

Showing that you are a real person brings credibility to your content. It is also necessary to build trust and forge relationships.

People always want to know who is behind the content. They want to know if there is a living and breathing human or is it just a machine generated content.

This is the reason why people love to visit the “About Us,” page of websites or blogs.

Do you know that about us page is always the most visited page of a website and the reason is that people want to find out about the person or the face behind that content?

Engaging with users will help you quickly build a connection:

Must include about us page on your website.

Add your picture and all your social links where people can connect with you.

Build a robust social presence and update your social profiles regularly.

You should not limit yourself to just at showing image only. You should engage, discuss and stay transparent with your audience.

Not only focus on building relationships online but also focus on building relationships offline.

Go to meetups, conferences, events, seminars, etc. to meet like-minded people.

Use the Website to build trust:

You may have already heard that “The first impression is the last impression.”

This may not be true in every condition, but it will surely work when it comes to building trust.

People are looking for sources that they can trust.

If you want to make people trust your blog or website, then you must give them a memorable experience from their first visit.

This strategy will also help you to turn your business into a brand.

If you carefully notice, then you will find that these are the factors that we all want on every website that we visit.

There are four significant areas where web design should display the trustworthiness;
  • Quality of design
  • Disclosure
  • Latest and updated content
  • Linkable to other sites

Link to trusted sources only:

There is no harm in linking to external sources as long as they are valuable.

Only go for high-quality outbound links.

Do what you want from others, and they will do the same for you.

This is a way to get backlink by ego baiting strategy.

Always link to related and highly authentic resources.

Content with no resource cannot compete with the material with highly essential resources.

There are two significant benefits of linking out to external sites;

  • Association
  • Authority

Final Words/Conclusion:

The most important thing that you should learn about branding, relationship building and link building is to have patience.

You cannot do it overnight. You have to practice and start increasing the number of interactions and participation opportunities. Be transparent and honest.

Think of link building as a long-term goal. Focus on building authority and relationship, rest everything will follow your brand.

You cannot grab the trust; you have to earn it!

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