January 29, 2018

Writing Guest Blog: Dos And Don’ts For Your Brand Recognizability

Every smart business person understands the importance of having a blog for their business. Apart from making your business information accessible to everyone, it increases your brand's visibility. Clients who have never heard of your company get to know the name of your business.

Guest blogging is one of the most influential and efficient digital marketing tactics. You write content for a blog that is not your own. You can share your expertise while creating a name for yourself and traffic to the business website. Here are some tips on how to go about becoming an authoritative figure in this sector:

Writing Guest Blog: Dos And Don’ts For Your Brand Recognizability 

Writing Guest Blog: Dos And Don’ts For Your Brand Recognizability : eAskme
Writing Guest Blog: Dos And Don’ts For Your Brand Recognizability : eAskme

Learn About Blogging and Branding

Learn About Blogging and Branding

Research on how the professionals do it, how successful brands have been able to build and manage their business. There are lots of resources online and books that will teach you how to master the art of guest blogging. 

Successful bloggers have shared their struggles as they were starting in this industry. Take your time to learn how they overcame them and their advice to new bloggers. There are also lots of blogs that share tips on how to become a successful blogger and to maintain that image.

Choose Your Blogging Goal

Choose Your Blogging Goal: eAskme

Find out which sector that you fit right in and focus on it. Do not blog about everything. Choose a subject and concentrate on being the best at it. If you write about everything, your content may be affected. Some of the areas you can focus on include:
  •     Business. Write about new trends in the market and what employers are looking for.
  •     Technology. Give your readers insight on new advancements in the technology sector.
  •     Health. Share tips on a healthy lifestyle and hacks on matters health.
  •     Travel. Write about the ideal travel destinations globally.


Promote: eAskme

You do not have to promote your brand alone. Instead, concentrate on a message or idea that resembles your own. You can quote notes or concepts from experts who have the same mindset as your own. It will, in turn, elevate you as a niche expert.

Also, share information about your guest posts on social media and your blog. It will get you connections with other bloggers, thus creating a network you can tap into anytime you need assistance. Once you’ve established an online following, you can draw the attention of your readers to your content as well as the occasional promotional one.

Email clients to inform them once a new post is live and request them to share it on social media. Give them a link to make it easier for them to share. If your content is compelling, they will be eager to share it with their friends.

Conclude each of your posts asking your readers for their comments. Sharing your guest post on your personal social media pages is helpful as it increases traffic to the website. It is a right way of showing them you appreciate them letting you post on their site. Their suggestions and praise boost your brand's reputation while letting you know what they like and what to change.

Find the Right Sites

Find the Right Sites: eAskme
Analyze the blogs that you regularly visit to know where your content will fit. Location is everything when it comes to guest blogging. Find out which blogs your current readers will read. You can also use the metrics for your blog to find out the content that resonates with your readers. It will give you clues on which material to concentrate on. 

Identify experts in your field and select a favorite blog to reach a large number of people. Some sites show the popularity of websites; you can check with them to avoid pitching to websites that have low readership rates. It will save time, and your valuable content will reach its target audience.

Support Fellow Bloggers and Celebrities

Support Fellow Bloggers and Celebrities: eAskme

You can start by researching on bloggers and celebrities that have an interest in the same content as you. They already have loyal follows, and you snatch a couple by supporting their work. You can link their content to your blog, and it will give you credibility as a professional which is an invaluable asset.

Be Consistent

Do not slow down on your blogging as soon as you begin garnering readers. Keep posting relevant content on a daily basis. If a reader visits your blog and finds old content without any new updates, they will move on to a blog that gives them reading material on a regular basis.

There is a lot of competition, and they are more than eager to take your place when you slack. Expand your brand beyond your blog. Comment on other blogs while leaving a link to your own.

Be Unique

If you copy content and layout of other established blogs, your readers are bound to notice. Come up with a unique name, color and content for your blog. Let it look original and professional. When a reader realizes that you are borrowing material, they will switch to that blog. Look for a focal point on all your topics.

A unique image will stick in the minds of your readers enhancing the personality of your brand. Creativity in your posts and meticulous attention to details boost your brand's image as a professional one. Get it right from the beginning as packaging is the most critical aspect of your blog.

Personalize Your Pitch

Creating content that generates attention to your business is a small step towards success. Guest blogging goes beyond that as it also serves as an opportunity to network. It allows you to interact with a large number of people. Do not create a generic email to send to blogs about yourself. Research about each blog and tailor your message according to their requirements. Look for the most popular post for that blog and create an original content that rivals it.

You should also mention why you think that your material is suitable for their audience. Emphasize on your credentials as your pitch is a sales pitch for the blogs. The right approach will be to follow the policies that the site has set for submissions. Let your personality shine while still adhering to the rules.

Quality Content

Your blog should focus on informing and educating your readers. It should not just work as an advertisement or for promoting yourself. Offer solutions to problems first before offering your services to prospective clients. Your task as you start as a guest blogger is to turn your brand into an authoritative figure in the blogging world.

Focus on building a relationship between businesses and fellow bloggers as you introduce your name to a new audience. Including a link to your guest blog to other blogs or articles is an indication that you researched your content.

Use Keywords to Boost SEO

How your blog ranks depends on a number of factors such as the amount of traffic you generate. Using keywords that sum up your content raises your ranking on search engines. You get more readers if your post appears amongst the first results. Use links in your posts to help readers find content which you posted faster. Also, use a professional format; if it is an apa style cover page paper, follow its procedure to the letter.

For Google, the more people comment, share, like and link to your blog they more your page ranking advances. Your topic will likely pop up when someone searches a relevant subject that relates to your own.

Perfect Your About Page

Create your brand's personality by giving relevant information about yourself. Readers want to know who they are dealing with and a little detail helps. It creates the most important asset to any business - trust. If it is a business blog, talk about its nature and who is behind it. If you are collaborating on the site, give some information about the authors.

Engage With Your Followers

Follow back your most relevant followers and add personal comments to their posts. Reposting user-generated content also builds your relationship with your readers.

Offer rewards, discounts and promotional codes to your loyal followers. It makes them feel appreciated and they will likely spread your information to friends and family thus increasing your readers.

Be Social

If your blog only posts links to other posts and does not reply to inquiries from readers, it will lose visitors fast. Your content may be incredible but being too professional turns off your readers.

Showcase your authority and likeability at the same to your followers. The tone of your brand should be welcoming and friendly to your visitors and potential clients. Your blog posts should not just be about sharing links but striving to know who your readers are.


Guest blogging can be quite challenging at first, but if you follow the tips outlined in this article, you will avoid mistakes that can damage your reputation. It increases your exposure, branding and community reach.

Associate your blog and content with recognized and respectable marketers. Write remarkable content that connects with your readers as well. Connecting with your readers is the best way to maintain and increase followers. Guest blogging is no doubt a crucial tool for marketing success online.