Best Video Doorbells Without Any Subscription Required!

Many people refrain from installing smart video doorbells in their homes due to subscription costs.

If that is the case with you, you can always turn to onboard storage or external storage video doorbells, which have just the right features and functions.

Best Video Doorbells Without Any Subscription Required! eAskme
Best Video Doorbells Without Any Subscription Required! eAskme

How Do Video Doorbell Subscriptions Work?

Many video doorbells require you to subscribe for a monthly fee to avail of certain features.

However, various promotions are going on these subscriptions to reduce the cost; some even offer 30-day free trial periods.

There are various reasons why these subscriptions are so important.

Firstly, without any storage of the video recorded from your front door, it will be inconvenient that you cannot playback videos and monitor movement outside of your home after an incident or event has occurred.

This minimizes the functionality and benefit of the smart video doorbell. So, manufacturers provide you with cloud storage to store all these surveillance videos that are likely to be recorded 24/7.

Cloud storage is a much more convenient and vast way of storing such a long duration of videos.

Without storage options, you will only have basic functions like viewing outside, sync with your mobile app, and two-way audio.

While cloud storage subscriptions are so much more convenient, it might be costly for some people, and they might prefer an onboard storage option.

Also, you need to have cheap internet plans, so your data storage is always on and fully updated.

Video doorbells that don't work on a subscription have features like memory card slots or USB ports that allow you to use your hardware for storage purposes.

In addition, some doorbells come with built-in storage, as well as expandable external storage.

Let's take a look at the options you have.

Avoid Subscription Fees With These Video Doorbells

1. eufy Security, Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered)

Eufy Security Video Doorbell is equipped with advanced technological features starting from Sony 2K sensors that ensure a high-quality picture and sharp resolution of visitors out your home.

The doorbell is more like a one-time investment, thanks to its built-in storage of 16GB.

It is also equipped with advanced features such as face detection and two types of power options.

You can either have the bell work with existing doorbell wiring or use the built-in battery that works for about 180 days.

One of the most notable features of the device is its built-in Alexa voice control. In addition, it has the option of working with a mechanical chime and using Alexa as a chime.

2. Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Compared to the eufy's 2K sensors and high-resolution imagery, Amcrest is slightly downgraded to a 1080p resolution.

However, that is not much of a deal-breaker when you look at some of its other features such as built-in mic and 2-way audio, wide 140-degree view angle and a range of up to 16 feet.

The bell is also equipped with advanced PIR motion sensors that instantly send you an alert via email and on your phone when there is an activity at your front door.

It runs with the Amcrest mobile app to make things a lot easier for you.

You get the option of cloud storage and external class 10 MicroSD cards of storage size up to 128GB.

All of these incredible features are covered by a 1-year warranty. Not only this, but you also get lifetime access to responsive technical support.

3. SkyBell SH02300BZ HD WiFi Video Doorbell

If you are looking for a smaller and low-profile video doorbell on your front door, then go for this SkyBell B02300BZ Wi-Fi doorbell.

Compared to the typical rectangular shape of video doorbells, this circular doorbell features an HD resolution camera that you can control with an Alexa voice assistant.

You can create a very convenient smart home set up if you have Amazon Echo or other Alexa-compatible devices at home.

It also comes with PIR motion sensors that detect threatening movement even from a distance.
You can control the bell with your Android or iOS devices.

It also has a night vision for clarity and safety during dark hours and the option of saving videos from the last seven days on the app without any costs.

Just download these videos on your mobile or any other device for personal, non-subscription based storage.

4. Nooie Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

Nooie video doorbell is a huge competitor to eufy security doorbell, thanks to the powerful 2K sensors and high res imagery.

The doorbell offers two storage options: a cloud-based storage option or a microSD external storage option.

You can add a maximum of 128 GB memory card.

It is equipped with a human body and face detection system, aligned with PIR motion sensors for high-tech functionality.

Since the doorbell is battery-powered, you won't have to worry about wiring and difficult installation processes.


There is a huge pool of video doorbells in the market that don't require a pricey subscription.

If you want to go for cloud storage and enjoy its perks, don't miss out on internet bundles and deals so you can keep your cloud storage updated at all times.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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