September 05, 2021

Small Business Ideas to Start in Orange County

Orange County is in Southern California. It is a well-known place for Disneyland, rides, shops, parks, and restaurants.

I have already shared why one should move to Orange County.

But you cannot move to Orange County to have fun. If you want to settle there, you must find work or business opportunities to earn your living.

Small Business Ideas to Start in Orange County: eAskme
Small Business Ideas to Start in Orange County: eAskme

So before you ask movers Orange County to pack your bags, read this post.

Today, I am sharing some small business ideas that you should start in Orange County to grow bigger and earn better.

SEO and Marketing:

SEO and Marketing are popular businesses in Orange County.

The best thing about starting an online business-like SEO is that you do not need to open office space.

You can hire people online and get the work done.

You can earn up to $98,000/month with your local or global clients.


Orange County is a popular place to start a winery business.

There are many popular wineries in Orange County, such as Seal Beach Winery, Pozzuoli Vineyard & Winery, Orange Coast Winery, Newport Beach Vineyards & Winery, Cowboy Canyon Winery, Giracci Vineyards and Farms, Frisby Cellars, Rancho Capistrano Winery, etc. are already there.

You can earn up to $1 million with your winery business.


People love to eat, and there are many people in Orange County.

Dine out is a common interest and you will find a lot of people who will come to your restaurant.

You can open your restaurant and bar for those people.

All you need is to serve delicious food and offer the best service.

You can even serve the best smooth red wine to lure customers.

Photo Booth:

Photo Booths are still in demand. You can start a photo booth and earn not only money but some loyal clients also.

People can earn up to $300,000/month with photo booth business. But you must be patient, and it takes time to establish a photo booth.

Ecommerce order fulfillment:

eCommerce is everywhere. Even if you are not down for starting an eCommerce business, yet you can start an eCommerce order fulfillment business.

With the Order Fulfillment business, you can earn up to $5 million every month.

Web Design:

If you can design awesome websites, then you should start a web design business in Orange County.

Like SEO and online marketing, you do not need to own office space to establish an office.

You can hire people online and get the required job done. You can even do the complete web designing by yourself.

People can earn $5000/month with a web design business.


These are a few of the businesses that you can start in Orange County.

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