September 08, 2021

Moving and Relocation Services

What do you know about Moving and Relocation Services?

Currently, UAE’s population has grown by more than 9.85 million and has the most number of expatriates in the world.

This is because the natives of the country only constitute 20% of the total population and are keen to work for positions in the government or the military.

Indians and Pakistanis make up the largest groups in the migrant population, with 28% for the former and 12% for the latter.

Moving and Relocation Services in UAE: eAskme
Moving and Relocation Services: eAskme

Residing primarily in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE expatriates, also make up for the expansion of the moving industry.

They hire movers and packers for a different number of reasons.

The common reasons include delivering packages to their loved ones abroad and relocation services.

Overview of the migrant situation in UAE

In 2013, UAE placed 5th in the number of migrant stocks with 7.8 million migrants.

Meanwhile, foreign workers constitute 90% of the country’s labor force which is also a driving force behind the country’s quick emergence as a top consumer market globally.

The other driving force is the country’s rich oil supply, in which other countries highly depend on their supply to sustain their economies.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the current net migration for UAE is 1.931 per 1000 population. This is 27.92% less than the numbers in 2020.

Location and season for migration

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi stand as the go-to destination for migrant workers looking for job opportunities in the UAE.

While Dubai is the largest city in UAE, it is also the most visited city due to the numerous infrastructure reflecting modern architecture.

This is where the famous Burj Khalifa, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, is located.

Moreover, Dubai also has better access to telecommunications and technology throughout the UAE, which was possible due to the influx of tourists and migrants.

Reasons for moving to Dubai

Employment and Lifestyle:

Aside from seeking better employment opportunities, other reasons push people to move inside or outside of Dubai.

It has become a hub for expatriates considering that 70% of foreign professionals have settled to work in this city.

One of the reasons is the excellent quality of lifestyle and leisure possibilities offered by the city.

From the numerous shopping malls to buildings with exquisite architecture, you will indeed not run out of places to visit.

Another is the bearable weather conditions as the country only experiences 342 sunny days per year.

In addition, the weather patterns are also entirely predictable, which is a total advantage if you have several plans to go out and enjoy the place.

Tax-free wage right:

Next, is the tax-free wage right that expatriate workers earn is attractive for those interested in landing a job in the country.

This is a big help to those who want to earn more and eventually apply for UAE citizenship.

Even better is that ex-pats do not have to pay for taxes imposed on food and goods.

Health, transport, and education:

The county's health, transport, and education systems were made to be reliable enough due to the significant investment provided by the government in enhancing the mentioned aspects.

The country’s educational system stands on par with other countries.

However, the healthcare system is also commendable due to its impressive devices and upgraded medical technology.

They also have competent doctors who are determined to make you recover from most illnesses.

Then, another advantage is that access to luxury goods is higher as the city is a great destination to start a business.

Food, Safety, and Accessibility:

Food is also an attractive aspect of the city.

With the increase of ex-pats arriving in the country, it has become an influence on the evolving cuisine of the country.

There are now combinations of food influences from outside the UAE incorporated into their dishes which provide a unique flavor compared to their traditional cuisine.

Moreover, the country’s location in the center of the globe is a massive advantage because almost every continent is accessible.

This is a good factor for those countries who wish to invest in the UAE, especially in their oil reserve market.

On the other hand, the large portion of foreigners in the country makes it easier for new immigrants to feel welcome.

Foreign communities are present almost anywhere, even in just the city alone.

Lastly, the impressive low crime rate of the country makes it a safe country to stay in.

Dubai is one of the safest cities due to the excellent implementation of the country’s laws concerning criminal activities.

Thus, it is much safer to walk on the streets at any time of the day.

The country is also tolerant of different cultures and religions.

This means that you have the freedom to practice your faith.


Indeed, the UAE has been rendered as the center for migrant employment for the longest time, supporting the fact that they are the top clients that demand more assistance from movers and packers.

Likewise, Dubai has also become a place for workers to gain better employment opportunities to improve their living standards and earn more to support their other endeavors in life.

Not only that, but moving companies are also benefiting from the countless packages migrant workers deliver to their families that are left in their home countries and other delivery requests.

Just as the country is highly dependent on the increasing immigrant workforce, the moving industry is too.

Are you planning to work in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE and would need some help carrying your pieces of luggage to your place of stay?

Do you have some items you wanted to send to your loved ones back in your home country?

Look for reliable cheap movers in Dubai, movers in Abu Dhabi near, or movers in Sharjah, and they will immediately come to your rescue once you call them!

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