September 09, 2021

Rising Tech Careers and Why One of Them is for You

The emerging transition to digital technology has ramped up the demand for technological services.

Gradually, gone are the days where we queue in lines for business transactions, fulfilling job responsibilities in offices, HRs recruiting talent acquisitions in buildings for interviews, and the like.

Rising Tech Careers and Why One of Them is for You: eAskme
Rising Tech Careers and Why One of Them is for You: eAskme

The mode of interaction is significantly present in a virtual setup wherein you need a phone or a laptop to accomplish your tasks and errands.

This shift also extended to the current booming demand for tech careers.

While the demand for tech services is increasing, this also means a need for more tech professionals to fill in the increased opening positions for technology-advancing markets.

Here are the most in-demand tech careers in 2021 and why one of them is for you!

Front End Engineer

The interfaces you see in applications, websites, and software are made carefully by a front-end developer or engineer.

While web designers are responsible for creating websites and designs, the front-end engineer ensures that the codes used, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, work online.

In addition, these people are in charge of making critical decisions involving web page design and structure, enhancing features to improve users’ experience, ensuring a balance between functional and aesthetic design, and most importantly, assuring that web pages are optimized for the best speed and scalability.

How do you get in, and why this career path?

A degree related to this field is an essential requirement; this could be a degree in Computer Science or a similar field.

One has to be an expert in maneuvering in various code languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Since designing is one of your primary functions, a solid understanding of how graphic design applications work is a given.

As an engineer, you are usually not alone; you are working in a team, which means a good way of communication with your subordinates is a non-negotiable value.

If you meet these requirements, this is definitely for you.

Usually, a front-end engineer makes an average of $39,000-$127,000 in Europe.

Data Scientist

Data can be messy, and one mistake in interpreting it can jeopardize the overall understanding of the numbers shown in business performance.

A data scientist makes the work easier because this person is responsible for extracting and interpreting the data to reflect a business’s performance better or aligning it to business goals.

They simplify the data after using mathematics and programming, then present it to their clients to comprehend what actionable plans can boost corporate productivity, resulting in increased sales or net profit.

What are the requirements, and is this field even accessible?

You don’t need to have a degree to become a Data Scientist, but given this entry standard, you need to have a clear grasp of some specific skills.

This includes programming, statistics, and knowledge of how the business industry works.

In understanding data, you need to analyze trends and patterns using methods with mathematics and statistics.

Moreover, a solid foundation in SQL and eventually mastering it is one of the main requirements to be a Data Scientist.

SQL is the domain-specific language used to extract data from databases which is a significant function.

One more skill is machine learning; this process involves data scientists to allow computers to learn from data and do tasks with data.

A Data Scientist makes an average median salary of $70,935 to $81,732 in Europe.

UX Designer

In a nutshell, UX or what we call User eXperience designers are in charge of the behind-the-curtains scenes of assuring websites, applications, or software meet the criteria of consumer behavior, needs, and habits.

On a day to day basis, a UX designer is responsible for multiple tasks;

Performing User Research:

This is a study of target markets where UX designers need to know the needs and the things consumers avoid basing on their behavior.

There are many ways designers can pinpoint the specific traits of consumers, this could be through listening to users’ words or watching their actions, and from there, an assessment can be generated.

It is to know who your users are and determine what they want.

Creating initiatives:

Creating initiatives that respond to consumer needs.

Obviously, after determining the likes and dislikes of a user, the next step is to create processes, ideas, and systems that solve users’ problems.

Alongside responding to this urging for resolution, completed initiatives should align with company services that add value.

This may include creating prototype designs, digital mock-ups, and the like.

Critique and usability test:

These tasks involve all designers brainstorming how to improve the design solution and which ineffective parts of the initiative.

What are the steps to be a UX designer?

Anyone can become a UX designer, whether you have a tech-related degree or not.

The first thing you have to do is conduct tons of research on the UX design industry.

Then, learn which skills are necessary for this type of work.

In this case, you can teach yourself a lot of UX design fundamentals.

This ranges from learning how to make prototypes, journey maps, or even wireframes, skills related to the growing demand for this career.

To demonstrate your level of learning, attending an online UX design Bootcamp will be advantageous.

You can start with essential advanced boot camps and earn certificates.

To further your understanding, you can apply what you have learned because the skills taught are applicable even in the marketing, product, and consumer support industries.

Typically this job generates a median salary of $40,742 to $90,832 in the world.

Choosing your career path in the tech industry can be a vital point to change your life.

While salaries are attractive, you must first assess which field hits your interest most because when you have the undying passion for a specific work, you can grow and withstand the backlogs of pressure.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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