November 06, 2021

Google Search Console added More Details to Error Reports

Google search console is now displaying rich results in error reports with more details to help you identify and fix issues.

The new error report will help you fix SEO issues.

Google Search Console added More Details to Error Reports: eAskme
Google Search Console added More Details to Error Reports: eAskme

Google Search Central has tweeted that they add more details to the error report in Search Console Rich Results. It will help you to understand how to fix specific issues.

In simple words, user can identify errors and fix them easily with the help of a new error report.

If you also want to understand what has changed, then you should read more.

Google Search Console Rich Results Report:

Google search console is not reporting new errors.

But, it is adding more details that will help you to check for errors.

You will see the following details in Google Search Console:

  • Invalid attribute enum value
  • Invalid attribute string length
  • Invalid object
  • Out of numeric range
  • Type conversion failed

You will have more information to learn more about these errors.

How Google Search Console Rich Results Report Will Help You?

SEO can use additional information to optimize the website structure.

Google search results only display rich snippets with valid structured data.

A valid structure data is not the guarantee of displaying rich snippets in SERP.

Google algorithm is responsible for choosing which content it can display in search results.

But always do everything to keep the structured data clean and valid.


Google search console error report not only help you improve structure data and help you fix content errors.

It is your job to improve the quality and structure of your blog or website.

From technical to content, you need to optimize your website for search engines and a better user experience from authority links.

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