November 15, 2020

Google Core Web Vitals are the Ranking Signals

Google has announced that the Core Web Vitals will become ranking signals starting May 2021.

A recent Google Webmaster tweet shows that the page experience factors will become the Google search ranking signals in May 2021. This way, Google will combine UX-rated signals and Core Web Vitals for search ranking.

Google Core Web Vitals will Become Ranking Signals in May 2021: eAskme
Google Core Web Vitals will Become Ranking Signals in May 2021: eAskme

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The page experience signals will include;

Core web vitals are already part of serious bloggers and SEO marketer's strategies.

With the help of Core Web Vitals, one can measure user experience with visual stability, speed, and responsiveness.

According to google Pagespeed, the following are the Core Web Vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

  • First Input Delay (FID)

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

What is the Largest Contentful paint:

According to the load speed, the largest Contentful Paint rate the page with Good, Need Improvement, and Poor score. The best Largest Content Paint is 2.5 seconds or less.

What is First Input Delay:

FID or First Input Delay shows the time the page takes to become interactive. The best First Input Delay is less than 100 ms.

What is Cumulative Layout Shift:

The cumulative Layout shift is the unexpected layout shift. It should be less than 0.1.

The Core Web Vitals shows how users feel when the interact with your blog post or webpage. These help search engines to understand how they can enforce the user experience metrics and algorithms.

Core web visuals can change and adapt to new trends year after year. These will help the websites or logs to meet user expectations.

New Labels in Google Search Results:

Google can introduce new labels in search results to display the website's interactivity or user experience score or web page.

Google has been working on different visual indicators to find the pages that meet tha best user experience criteria.

SEO communities are expecting an update to test these labels. If the test result is right, this update will launch with the page experience update in May 2021.

A study shows that only 15% of websites are optimized to meet the Core Web Vital score. There will be a significant hit for websites that are not optimized or qualify for the label.

Bloggers and webmasters are now working to optimize their blog or business websites to meet the Core Web Vitals criteria. Google report shows a 70% improvement in user engagement if you optimize the website according to Page Speed Insight and Lighthouse metrics.

Webmasters and Bloggers are also using the Google Search Console Core Web Vitals report to find Improvement areas.

Google use these factors to measure Core Web vitals;

  • Search Console

  • PageSpeed Insights

  • Lighthouse

  • Chrome DevTools

  • Chrome UX Report

  • Web Vitals Extension

Google suggests the AMP as the best solution to optimize your blog or website according to the page experience signals to meet core web vitals score.

Non-AMP Content & Top Stories Carousel:

Google has also announced that starting from May 2021, Non-AMP pages will also become eligible to rank in top stories.

Both google page experience ranking signals update and non-amp page update will roll out at the same time.

Any blog post or webpage that meet the Google News content policies will become eligible to rank in the Top stories carousel. Google prioritizes content based on user experience.

Google will keep supporting AMP pages in Google search results.


2021 is going to an exciting and challenging year for SEOs, bloggers, and marketers.

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