July 27, 2021

Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know

What is Google Analytics 4? Why has Google changed Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4? How can you switch to GA4? How Google Analytics 4 Will help you with reporting? What are the best ways to use GA4 reports?

These are a few of the questions that emerged with the launch of Google Analytics 4 or GA4.

Google Analytics 4 is a powerful analytics tool that helps you monitor traffic and understand user behavior.

Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme
Google Analytics 4: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

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In October 2020, Google announced the new Google Analytics 4.

There are so many things that a web admin should learn about GA4.

Remember: Traditional Google Analytics is not going anywhere. But GA4 is already there.

It is worth your time to learn everything about Google Analytics 4.

Today, You will learn;

  • What GA4 is?
  • How to switch?
  • Understand GA4 reporting.
  • How to use reports?

What is New in Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 uses different data collection and data structure approach.

GA is not about sessions but events and users.

Where you will see each user behavior in different events.

Events will help marketers in a better way to perform cross=platform analysis.

Google Analytics 4 understands user behavior better than traditional Google analytics.

Switch to Google Analytics 4?

Should you switch to GA 4?

Yes, you should.

It collects better data and helps you create better marketing strategies.

How to set up Google Analytics 4?

It is quite easy to set up GA4.

How to configure Google Analytics 4:

How to configure Google Analytics 4: eAskme
  • First, go to Google Analytics and log in.
  • Go to Admin.
  • Select account.
  • Select property.
  • Click the “GA4 Setup Assistant”
  • Now, in the setup wizard, click on “Get Started.”
How to configure Google Analytics 4: eAskme

  • Click on “Create Property.”
How-to-Create-New-Google-Analytics-4-Property: eAskme

How Google Analytics 4 Will help with Reporting?

Internet is moving towards user privacy. However, it is getting difficult to track user behavior.

Google Analytics 4 will fill the gap with its improved machine learning technology.

With the help of GA4, markets can easily identify irregularities and trends in analytics data.

How to Use Google Analytics 4 reports?

Now, you should know the best ways to use GA4.

On the homepage, you will see revenue, traffic, and conversions.

From the homepage, you will learn.

  • From where are new users coming?
  • What are the best campaigns?
  • What are the most viewed pages?

Real-time Reporting:

GA4’s real-time reports show what has happened in the past 30 minutes.

You can identify:

Is the tracking code is working?

Effects from YouTube videos.

Product drop.

You can check the View user snapshot. (In the real-time snapshot, you will find user location, device, and engagement.)

Life Cycle Reporting:

You can find engaging, retaining, monetizing, acquiring data of the funnel.

Source of the users and their behavior data is always important to create marketing strategies.

Using the Life Cycle report, you will learn:
  • How did users land on the pages?
  • What is their behavior?

Explore Reports: Analysis

The new Analysis Hub is the strongest part of GA4.

In GA4, you get access to template galleries and advanced techniques.

Analysis Hub: eAskme

How to Create a New Analysis:

  • Go to Google Analytics and log in.
  • Click on Analysis.
  • Choose the technique.

How to read Analysis Hub Report?

How to read Analysis Hub Report?: eAskme

  • Variables column: Here, you will see the Date range, metrics, dimensions, and segments.
  • Tab Settings Column: Here, you will specify segments, metrics, dimensions, and techniques.
  • Segments: Here, you can drag and drop groups to understand behavior.
  • Dimensions: Here you can check event count, transactions, active users, etc.
  • Metrics: Check numbers in analysis.
  • Visualization: View report in charts.
  • Values: View metrics as columns.
  • Tabs: Visualization.
  • Display: Interact with Data.

Different Types of Analysis in GA4:


By selecting, Exploration you have more control over data visualization.

You can use various options to represent data and view insights.

Funnel Analysis:

Under Funnel Analysis, you can check the steps buyers have to complete to reach the final step.

Path Analysis:

Path analysis visualizes the events in tree graph format.

You can learn the looping behavior of the users.

Segment Overlap:

You can use segments as sessions or events.

Marketers can build a condition group.

Cohort Analysis:

You can view the group of users with similar characteristics in a cohort group.

User Lifetime:

Using Lifetime report, you can learn the source of maximum traffic and revenue.


Analytics tools make your life easy.

The better you understand your analytics, the better marketing decisions you can make.

Google Analytics 4 is the latest upgrade for Google Analytics.

Start using Google Analytics, and you will learn everything on the way.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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