October 08, 2021

The Impact of Online Marketing to Your Business - O'Keefe

Online marketing makes the most use of the internet by utilizing its many facets for product or service promotion. However, not many business owners know that various kinds of online advertising work for each business niche.

The Impact Of Online Marketing To Your Business - O'Keefe: eAskme
The Impact Of Online Marketing To Your Business - O'Keefe: eAskme

Online marketing works just like conventional marketing in which a marketer should apply the right and appealing strategies for the target market to convert into sales.

But, the implementation relates to the digital form.

The Basic Work Of Digital Advertising

Online marketing is the use of effective strategies and methodologies to draw better market engagement digitally.

The platform used varies in social media, push email, and short messages.

The market approach may vary as well, in which companies may only send emails to their loyal customers or the ones who might have accessed their websites or follow their social media accounts.  

The message is in images, texts, or videos, so they are easily distributed effectively.

Social media feeds and stories are mostly the primary forms of digital marketing these days.

They are simple, low cost, and cover thousands or even millions of people concisely or even in real-time.

The strategy has been known as very effective during the past decade.

Every Business Needs Different Kinds Of Online Marketing

Every business owner should pay attention to the right marketing strategies for the specific niches.

The method of promoting restaurants is different from promoting construction and repair tools, for example.

Besides, Google and other search engines are now focusing on demographics in which people will find the search result related to their location.

Hiring experts in digital marketing like O'Keefe is necessary because each business owner has different purposes, budgets, and ideal audiences.

Applying the proper strategy should be based on thorough market research, or else, all is for naught.

Promoting takes more than just uploading content on social media.

It requires the correct performance measurements that indicate the right approach for each niche.

Let's make an example.

A restaurant that expects to apply digital marketing should post an Instagram feed that features its comprehensive menus, the process of making foods, unique signature dishes, special promotions, and so forth.

In addition, there will be complete links to other social media platforms, its official website, reservations, and of course, the interior of the restaurant.

What Kinds Of Business Need To Apply Online Marketing

Small businesses are the ones that need online marketing the most.

Decades ago, digital marketing was merely for big businesses.

Smaller businesses only count on free platforms because they want to save their budgets.

The fact is that smaller businesses should spend very low to put their existences among competitors.

Besides, the revolutionary way of online shopping is unstoppable.

Buyers prefer to do thorough researches before purchasing online.

They even try searching for the prices of products they see at a brick-and-mortar store on the internet before they decide to buy them.

Is SEO Still Effective As Compared To SEM?

Search engine optimization has been the absolute darling of internet marketing for a decade now.

But, there are changes in its implementation. SEO is a part of online marketing in which it should be implemented with search engine marketing or SEM.

This is the process of balancing the business website promotion method so that its search rank can be higher than before.

In this case, targeted markets should find the SEO-optimized website on the first page of Google when they search for any term that matches the product or services.

Thus, optimizing sites for improving search results will deliver abundant website traffic organically.

Every search engine has a crawler that collects information related to any content they find on the internet.

So, anytime an internet user inputs a search, the search engine will provide the most relevant result. In addition, there are on-page and off-page SEO to which all company owners should apply.

On-Page SEO is the activity of maximizing a website's elements.

Most of the elements are HTML source code and content to have a good rank on Google.

In this case, the website will earn higher relevant traffic for the targeted keywords of the website.

In addition, On-Page SEO will increase the page's speed, improve title tags for structure content, and create a website design with responsive mobile-friendly.

Meanwhile, an off-page SEO is the activity of the website owner in implementing SEO to bring significance to reach the first page by using platforms like social media promotion, guest blogging, and backlinking.

Google detects the relation of high-rank websites on certain websites based on the valued content.

Therefore, it will benefit the smaller rank websites to get the rank improvement on the search engine.

What About SEM?

Alternatively, SEM is a strategy that needs more tricks and budgets.

Google and other search engines will charge fees for displaying companies' ads when an internet user is searching by using many related keywords about the company.

It is in the form of pay-per-click fees.

The statistic of SEM will present a great reaction to the advertising efficacy.

It is available in the form of a click-through rate that shows the number of clicks of ads.

It indicates how interesting a product or service is. The more attractive the ad, the higher amount of clicks that it has.

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