January 03, 2022

What is 6G? When will it come? How fast will it be?

What is 6G? Will 6G replace 5G? When Will 6g come into the Market? How fast will it be?

Do you want to know the answers!

If yes, then here is everything that you must know.

What is 6G? When will it come? How fast will it be?: eAskme
What is 6G? When will it come? How fast will it be?: eAskme

5G is already in the Market, and the world is moving from 4g to 5g. 5g network providers and smartphones are populating the industry.

Yet, most of the world is not enjoying the 5G network due to a lack of 5G connections.

Even when the whole world is waiting for easy access to 5G technology, we are already talking about 6G network.

Countries like the USA, Japan and China are already running after 6G connectivity.

Every day we watch new 6G information in reports and case studies.

Let’s talk about everything that you should know about 6G.

Is a 6G network exists?

We cannot give 100% yes or No.

It is both.

There is the belief that 6G will replace 5g.

But, 6G is still in the research phase.

It means that it is not functional.

Telecom brands are still struggling to completely adapt and serve 5G network.

So telecom brands are far from 6G.

But Governments have funded research projects to develop the functioning 6G network technology.

When Will 6G come in the Market?

It is too early to predict.

Verizon’s CTO Kyle Malady and Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden have said they do not know what 6G is, so there is no way we can tell when it will come in the Market.

According to Ekudden, it will take a decade before we finally see 6G in the Market.

ABI research report also predicts the launch of 6G technology by 2028 or 2029.

How fast will the 6G network be?

We can’t tell the exact speed.

But 6G will be 100times faster than the 5G network.

But it also depends upon the decision of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Dr. Mahyar has also predicted that the 6G network speed will be 1TB/sec or 8000 Gigabits/second.

If you are still thinking about one movie download, 6g will let you download 140+ movies every second.

What will you get with 6G?

6G will bring mass bandwidth, high speed, and lower latency.

Researchers discuss the 6G network as a decentralized network where devices work as antennas, and a single operator cannot control the whole network.

With lower latency and high data speed, it will be possible to run a device-to-device connection.
6G technology will enhance smart cities, smart cars, drones, etc.

NTT DoCoMo said that 6G would make cyberspace possible for humans. We will have more microdevices and wearable devices mounted on our bodies.

Who is Working on 6G?

Governments are spending millions of dollars on getting early access to 6G technology.

Here is what you should know:


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