January 03, 2022

Is Keyword Density Google Ranking Factor or Not?

What is the best keyword percentage? Is Keyword density a ranking factor? Let’s find out if keyword density can help your content to rank in Google search or not?

Many people still believe that Keyword density is a Google ranking factor.

Is Keyword Density Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Is Keyword Density Google Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme


Some SEO’s even consider keyword density an important factor in ranking on the first page on Google.

But, why?

Keywords are important.

It is not easy to rank for the keyword if the word is not displayed in your content.

SEO tools have also made webmasters, and SEO experts have made people believe that maintaining an ideal number of keywords in content can help rank.

Today, we will find out the reality behind the claim that keyword density is a ranking factor or not?

Claim: Keyword Density is a Google ranking factor

First, understand what keyword density is?

Keyword density results from the total number of keywords divided by the total number of words and multiplied by 100.

For example, if a keyword is used 10 times in a 1000 words article, the keyword density is 1.0%.

There are many believes and disbelieves when deciding an ideal number of keyword density. For example, some suggest that it can be between 2% to 10%.

But, what made people believe that Keyword density is a search engine ranking factor?

Keyword Density is a Ranking Factor: Evidence

Back in 2011, Google released a video to answer the question of whether keyword density is a ranking factor.

Matt Cutts of Google has confirmed that there is n ideal keyword density in that video. But overuse of keywords can damage the content and website performance in Google search.

Keywords can help rank, but keyword stuffing can burn your chances to rank in SERP.

So what is the best way to use keywords?

Matt Cutts has said that one should write pillar content using keywords and follow the skyscraper technique.

Then, read the content and listen to if the content is perfect or sounds unnatural.

If the content copy sounds unnatural, then you should change it.

You can use long-tail keywords, LSI, or synonyms to avoid keyword stuffing.

Synonyms attract readers and also help in ranking for other terms.

Conclusion: Keyword Density is Not a Ranking Factor

There was a time when keyword density worked at some point.

But now, Keyword density should not be your overall focus. Instead, use keywords in title, description, first paragraph, LSI, and synonyms to make your copy worthy.

There is no ideal keyword density percentage, and keyword density is not a Google ranking factor.

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