December 03, 2021

Is Domain Name a Ranking Factor in Google Search Result or Not?

Do you believe in buying an exact match domain to rank your site higher in SERP? Is domain name a ranking factor?

Let's put some light on the fact that domain name is not a ranking factor.

Is Domain Name a Ranking Factor in Google Search Result?: eAskme
Is Domain Name a Ranking Factor in Google Search Result or Not?: eAskme

Most of the time, you will see domains like or

These are called exact match domains as they display the exact query that the target audience or customer have.

In Exact match domains, you will find the exact keyword the webmaster wants to rank for in SERP.

Google has also denied domain names as a ranking factor.

So, be sure that domain name is no longer a ranking factor.

But, the domain name can have an impact on search results.

Today, I am uncovering the biggest myth in the SEO industry where professionals claimed exact match domain names as a ranking factor.

Claim: Domain Name is a Ranking Factor

You may have heard a lot of times that SEO is calling EMDs a ranking factor.

They try to sell you exact match domain at a high price or buy domains like

This myth has caused businesses to spend millions on buying exact match domains.

And, I do not want to burn your pockets.

The Domain Name was a Ranking Factor: (Evidence)

In 2011, Bill Slawski shared the investigation report on Google's exact match domain patent. According to the patent keyword in domain work.

But Matt Cutts found the issue and decided to cut down the value of the keyword in the domain name.

In 2012, Matt Cutt's tweet shared that exact match domains can negatively affect your ranking.

Now, the domain name does not affect Google search ranking.

If you still do not believe, then understand something important.

Is Exact Match Domain Name important?

Google's Exact Match Domain update has targeted low-quality sites with exact match domains.

Sites that have thin content or content that is irrelevant received the major hit.

It shows that your exact match domain name will do nothing to improve search ranking without the best content strategy.


Domain Name is not a Ranking Signal.

I must say that domain name is not a ranking signal anymore.

When choosing a domain name, your focus should not only be going after the exact match domain name.

You need to understand the domain name's value before buying a domain name for your blog or website.

If you want deep knowledge about domain names, then check our complete domain name guide.

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