December 04, 2021

Twitter Bans Sharing Private Information and Photos of others Without Consent

Twitter removes videos, photos, and private information of the private users shared on Twitter without their consent.

Twitter Bans Sharing Private Information and Photos of others Without Consent: eAskme
Twitter Bans Sharing Private Information and Photos of others Without Consent: eAskme

Twitter's Private Information Policy:

Twitter has included private media in its privacy information policy. This time Twitter has added sharing of private media such as photos and videos shared without consent.

Before this update, Twitter's privacy information policy only covered private information such as IDs, phone numbers, and addresses.

The company has analyzed the misuse of videos and photos that are not available anywhere else.

This shows that Twitter is making a serious change where the company will address any issue that will take down unauthorized content.

Twitter says that private information can be used to reveal identities, harass or intimidate people.

Earlier today, Twitter was only taking action against abusive behavior.

But now, Twitter will remove any media shared without the consent of the related person.

Understand the type of content that violated Twitter's Privacy Information Policy:

  • Address
  • Identity
  • Contact Information
  • Biometric data
  • Financial details
  • Any other media of the private person

Twitter will also not tolerate:

  • Threat to the private users.
  • Sharing information that can hack accounts.
  • Asking or offering a financial reward to gain access to someone else's private information.

Twitter wants to remove the threat of exposing people on its platform.

How will Twitter enforce Privacy Information Policy?

Twitter can only take action when someone reports about the post.

It means that if a user reports an abusive post, then Twitter will remove the content.

Twitter has cleared that people can share photos of public figures such as celebrities, artists, and news-worthy content.

It will only remove the content that is shared with malicious intent.


Twitter is dedicated to making the platform safe for every user. Removing private information of private people will help to keep the platform secure from malicious use.

Twitter has already made many changes and launched new updates this year.

The company will also launch many more updates in the coming days.

Stay tuned with us to learn the latest updates.

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