September 19, 2022

Thin Content: What is Thin Content? Why and how to fix it?

Thin content! What the hell is thin content? Is your website or blog has populated with thin content? How to get rid of it or how to fix thin content? One of the primary reasons why your content is not ranking in search results is “Thin Content.”

What is Thin Content?

Thin Content: What is Thin Content? Why and how to fix it?: eAskme
Thin Content: What is Thin Content? Why and how to fix it?: eAskme

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Thin content is known as content with no value or very small to attract the visitor.

As a thin person it is super hard for a thin content to rank for competitive keywords or queries.

Most of the times, bloggers post thin content to create more and more articles, without producing more value to a reader.

There are some commonly used types of thin content;
Google has also introduced doorway pages penalty to ensure that webmaster should stop abusing this.

Google Panda update was also punishing the websites and blogs with low-quality content or thin content.

Thin content can never satisfy the related queries or overall queries of a visitor. This tells that thin content can only be there to fill the blog with posts, not for better user experience.

Google and other search engines focus more on user experience.

So if your content is not appealing to the user or it is thin, that means you cannot serve the user well, and this is the reason why thin content will never rank in Google search results.

Publishing thin content can damage the reputation of your brand.

It lacks the essence of engagement and makes user quite your page quickly.

Thin content is the main reason behind the high bounce rate.

If your website or blog also have thin content, then you should take steps to fix it.

For a blogger or SMB’s it is easy to simple to fix the thin content issues, but it will take a lot of time to implement the strategy.

In this article, I will not only talk about thin content but also focus on how you can diagnose the thin content and fix a thin content issue on pages or blogs.

How to Diagnose Your Website Content?

Now you understand what thin content is. It is the time to find out how to diagnose your site content for the thin content issue.

Big Picture:

There are tons of SEO tools available, but you should not focus on using human approach.
Remember that search operator result can look different than the actual outcome for the same query.

Use eagle eye concept to create content with high resourced value.

Use Google analytics, ubersuggest to find the most trafficked pages.

Read the content:

Read the content but don’t focus on the number of words.

Focus on the quality of the content and level of engagement.

There is no sure shot rule that only long content rank better.

When it comes to rank higher in search results only quality and relevance matter the most.

With the best content you can say something in just 250 words rather than poorly written 2500 words.

Reading the content will help you discover such an issue.

Get rid of duplicate content:

Duplicate content is severely harmful to your business or blog.

Some tools will help you to fix the duplicate content issue.

You can use Copyscape and screamingfrog to get rid of duplicate content. Copyscape will help you to fix copy content issues quickly.

Duplicate content is the big issue for the brand and blogs that publish hundreds of articles every month.

At eAskme, we have 1800+ articles and every month publish many articles.

Copyscape is the most-worthy tool for eAskme to get rid of duplicate content.

Screamingfrog is also the tool which helps me to find the duplicate content and fix it.

One should always avoid duplicate titles in thin content.

Sometimes you need to add more words and publish latest updates to fox thin content issues.

You may also need to rewrite the complete article to polish the quality of your blog content.

How to fix Thin Content in posts and pages?

After analyzing and diagnosing the content on your pages and posts, the next thing is to prioritize list such as content scoring, based on the rate of interest.

It can be time-consuming, but it will create a long-lasting impact on your business. It will also help you to power up the SEO of your blog or business website.

When it comes to fixing many pages, you need to do it one by one.

After creating the list of pages with thin content, you need to plan which pages you want to fix in the first month.

Even if you have to the first blog post of your blog then just do it.

Here are a few ways that will help you fix the thin content issue in a super fantastic way;
  • www or non www url:
This is what you should do in the beginning. You need to set preferred url and redirect other versions to canonical url.
  • http or https:
Always redirect all non-http links to https.
  • Thin category pages:
Nonindex the thin content categories.
  • Comment pagination:
Comment pagination is the main problem of WordPress users. Disallow comment pagination on your blog or website.
  • Mobile Friendly website:
Stop using subdomains for mobile users. Always use mobile friendly responsive design to create a fast loading website or blog.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Thin content is a significant issue. It is a problem that most of the old sites and sites with too many pages or posts have to deal with.
  • Now you understand what thin content is?
  • What will you do now?
  • Will you fix the thin content?
  • Or will you leave the content as it is?
Do share your thoughts.

If you have any question,

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