November 08, 2021

The Tendencies of Female Activeness in Hookup Sites

By Sona Mathews

We are in an unprecedented time in human sexuality history. More adults are having casual sex and exploring other fantasies.

The hookup culture is becoming more ingrained, reflecting evolved sexual and social scripts.

These casual encounters often occur without the desire common in a romantic relationship.

The Tendencies of Female Activeness in Hookup Sites: eAskme
The Tendencies of Female Activeness in Hookup Sites: eAskme

Although hookup sites and apps redefined online dating in the past decade, hookups began in the 1920s. This was primarily due to the upsurge of automobiles and entertainment spots like movie theaters.

By the 1960s, young adults were more sexually liberated due to the rise of feminism and the growth of sex-integrated college parties.

Recent data shows that 60% to 80% of North American young adults have had a hookup experience.

So why are women more active on hookup sites?

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It’s About Sex

Many women have had bad relationships, and many don’t want to go back to such experiences.

However, they have sexual needs, and they need someone to fulfill them without demanding the conditions of a relationship.

Enter hookup sites and apps such as Adult Friend Finder and Tinder. Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site that allows male and female users to find short-term sexual encounters.

With over 45 million users in the US, Adult Friend Finder makes it easy to find like-minded individuals for casual sex. All the great websites can be found in the MYSA article.

All you need to do is sign up and start looking for like-minded people in your area. The site offers a paid subscription which opens more features for you.

A lot of women prefer casual sex over an emotionally draining relationship, and this is true, especially for a sexual person.

To Overcome Boredom

Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone is extremely depressing.

This is true, especially if you’re introverted, and you can’t sit at the bar by yourself or start talking to strangers on the street, in movie theaters, or even the bar.

One of the best places where you can make friends today is online.

Hookup sites are so popular there is no way you can’t find other adults in your area with similar interests.

For example, it’s on the weekend, and you don’t have any plans.

However, you’re horny. Just open your laptop, launch your favorite browser and search AdultFriend

Other hookup sites to check out include:

  • Ashley Madison
  • No Strings Attached
  • Together2Night
  • Onenightfriend

These super-hot hookup sites will serve you in the best way. Just search in your area for casual sex, and the sites will return results that you will surely find interesting.

There is no need to beat around the bush on these sites or try to impress someone emotionally.

You can match with a potential, chat directly where and when to hookup. These hookup sites give women a chance for some steamy encounters.

The people you meet on these hookup sites are only interested in getting laid.

Therefore, you don’t have to romanticize the encounter.

That’s the best thing about hookup sites - they allow women to have casual sex without an emotional connection.

Satisfying Experience

With hookup sites, lovemaking has become smoother and more satisfying.

But, let’s face it, love is overrated.

When you date, it takes a long time to know the true intentions of a person. This is true, especially when it comes to sex.

People do not share their sexual fantasies and fetishes when they are dating.

It’s even worse once they get married. As such, few women have a satisfying sexual experience in a long-term relationship, and however, casual sex offers a much satisfying sexual experience.

Hookup sites such as Adult Friend Finder provide a collage of potential matches. As your golden ticket to instant communication, the site requires only your email and password. Once you sign up, notifications will start popping up even without you adding any juicy info.

But it helps to add more info about you, making it easier for the site’s algorithm to match you with like-minded people in your area.

Chances of you finding someone who shares a super-specific fantasy like you is very easy.

You can always refine your results by choosing your preferred gender, age range, race, body type, and sexual orientation.

With casual sex, women can have multiple orgasms, which makes them happy. This is because hookups put women in their zone where they are happy.


Women enjoy hookups better when they take the initiative. When a woman takes the initiative, she sees the man or woman as an attractive sexual partner. 

Such women have healthy sexual psychology, and they are comfortable with their sexuality.

As such, they feel less reason to feel regret after a casual encounter.

Regret is an unpleasant emotion.

Without it, women can make autonomous decisions when it comes to sex. If you want satisfying casual sex, choose the best hookup sites.

If you’re a newbie, try to read online reviews. Focus more on the real-life reviews.

We recommend checking reviews on app stores.

Check the membership activity base. The higher the number of active members, the more chances of meeting like-minded fantasy mates.

Best of luck!

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