Dating Websites and Video Chats: Comparison and Reviews

It may seem fantastic, but people have been looking for a partner remotely for several decades.

Previously, real dating services with offices, matchmakers and consultants were used for this. However, today special websites and artificial intelligence are used for this purpose.

Dating Websites and Video Chats: Comparison and Reviews: eAskme
Dating Websites and Video Chats: Comparison and Reviews: eAskme

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Let's talk about two of the most popular formats of online platforms where people go in search of relationships: dating websites and video chat.

Dating websites. How they work

What are they?

A dating website is a service for the selection and search of the most suitable partner in order to build relationships and an opportunity for virtual communication with other users.

Ways to start using

Anyone wishing to use such a service must register on a website, fill out a form, provide basic information about themselves (name, age, country and/or city of residence, interests and preferences), and upload their photo.

Also, many dating websites suggest completing a questionnaire so that the system can suggest the most suitable candidates.

Reasons to use dating websites

Of course, the ultimate goal of dating websites is to find the perfect soulmate for each user. However, not every user visits dating websites for this.

Someone wants to “just take a look” because they have heard about them many times but have never really seen what a dating website is.

Others are not interested in long-term relationships and they don't mind finding a partner for a short romance.

In the third case, everything is even simpler: the goal is to have sex for one night. Of course, if this is fine with both sides, there is no problem.

However, there is also a category of people who consider such a service to be an excellent place to earn money, and this is often associated with fraud.

Video chats. Who needs them and how to use them

What are they?

Online video chats are online services for visual and voice communication with random interlocutors from around the world. They often have an additional text chat feature.

Ways to start using

One of the main features of video chats is that you don't need to register on a website to start chatting.

The work is initially built on the principles of anonymity, so each user decides whether to introduce themselves to the interlocutor or not.

In order to connect, just turn on the webcam and press one button: the system will automatically pick up the interlocutor for you.

In case you didn’t like them, click "Next" and meet somebody else. If you look for someone with specific requirements - use tags and filters when looking for a partner.

Reasons to use video chats

The first reason people use video chat is for entertainment.

It's really exciting when you meet a wide variety of people who can be hundreds of thousands of kilometers away: all of them have different professions, interests, hobbies, worldviews.

In the second case, users are looking for an understanding interlocutor with whom they can discuss exciting topics, have a sincere talk and even make friends.

There are also those who use video chats for a romantic relationship, for example, if they dream of leaving for a distant country to a beautiful prince to live there happily ever after.

In addition, there are a lot of girls and young people who want to improve their foreign language.

Chat roulette is an ideal place for this, because here you can find residents and native speakers from almost any country in the world.

To be completely honest, we note that a certain percentage of the audience visits video chats for virtual sex.

However, most free streaming websites do not tolerate such users - there are specialized services for this.

Famous dating websites. Their functions, reviews

Plenty Of Fish (POF)

This is a dating website, launched in 2003. It is visited by about 5.5 million people on a monthly basis.

For a high-quality selection of a partner, the service offers its POF Chemistry Predictor system based on several characteristics: confidence, self-control, dependence on society, family orientation and sociability.

Most of the basic POF features are free. These include:

  • registration,
  • viewing candidates selected by the system,
  • viewing other people's profiles,
  • sending voice and text messages.

In their reviews people note that the website contains mainly live accounts, that people are willing to make contact, and it is not difficult to find a user interested in dating.

The advantages also include flexible search and many filters by interests, beliefs, hobbies, physical characteristics.

The disadvantages include a somewhat lengthy registration process, a slightly overloaded design of the desktop version of POF, and the fact that from time to time you can meet people of questionable moral character on the website.

But this is a trade-off for the great popularity and availability of the service.


This is one of the oldest websites in the industry. Match first went online back in 1993. Today its monthly audience is over 5 million people.

Unlike the previously mentioned website, Match is primarily a paid service: before buying a subscription, you can only register, search for suitable candidates, put "likes" and view profiles. All other actions, including texting, are available only after payment.

In Match reviews, users praise its mobile application, a large live audience, a good quality of candidate selection, a convenient and intuitive interface.

Among the disadvantages there is the need to pay for most of the functions and people who persistently offer their sexual services, although the majority of users here have serious intentions.


This online dating website differs from the previous websites in its extremely thorough approach to the selection of partners.

eHarmony was created in 2000 with the help of experienced clinical psychologist Neil Warren.

In order to test you and how seriously you are determined to find a soulmate, right at registration you are offered to pass a rather long and voluminous personality test.

After a while, the user receives a selection of candidates.

Free website features include:

  • registration,
  • «winking» to other users,
  • viewing other people's profiles and adding them to "Favorites."

Other functionality, including correspondence, access to users who added you to the "Favorites", "Invisible" mode, etc., is paid.

In eHarmony reviews, the users specify a serious and worthy audience as its main advantage, as well as an effective and high-quality selection system, which in most cases works quite accurately.

The disadvantages include a lengthy test, a rather high cost of the subscription and the only possibility of text communication on the website.

Famous video chats. Their functions, reviews


This is an International video chat launched in 2009. It is one of the two founders of the video communication format.

Connection takes place instantly - without registration and authorization, and is completely free.

At the moment, the service does not have an option of texting, there is only communication via a webcam.

In reviews Chatroulette is praised for its huge audience and often criticized for its low quality: there are a lot of exhibitionists eager to demonstrate their bodily parts to the whole world.

And the only thing that users can do if they encounter inappropriate 18+ content is to complain by clicking on the appropriate button.

According to some reviews, out of 10 connections, only 1-2 are decent.


This chat roulette is similar to the previous one, but it has a number of differences.

  1. Firstly, Chatrandom has a variety of chat rooms available for free, just like the video chat itself.
  2. Secondly, the service has a full-fledged mobile application.
  3. Thirdly, registration on the website significantly expands the possibilities of searching for an interlocutor, makes it possible to return to the previous one and turns off advertising.

And, finally, there is not only a text chat but also the opportunity to communicate in a group of four people at the same time.

Speaking about the reviews of Chatrandom, the roulette is praised and scolded for essentially the same thing as Chatroulette.

The audience of the video chat is certainly great - more than 35,000 people visit it every day – this is definitely an advantage.

However, there is a very large percentage of indecent users among them, which is dangerous and unwanted for teenagers.


Unlike the previous two chat roulettes, CooMeet is not completely free, but this is really its primary advantage.

The quality of the audience is much higher, the moderation is good, and in order for a newbie not to think that they are paying for a pig in a poke, they are given a free trial period.

User reviews usually praise the speed and convenience of video chat, the quality of interlocutors, which is highly compared to free counterparts, responsive and adequate support.

As a matter of course, the question is the cost of using the service - not everyone is willing to pay, even realizing that they gain a lot.

User reviews about CooMeet can be found at coomeet.


We have listed several of the most famous and popular social services that have a significant place in the world of online communication.

Each has its own pros and cons, and you have complete freedom to choose the one that you find the most convenient and interesting.

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