October 12, 2021

Twitter Has launched 7 Updates for TweetDeck

Twitter has 7 new updates for TweetDeck. These are the features that Twitter has added after getting users’ feedback.

It is a series of updates for TweetDeck. As a result, users will experience unique and new features on TweetDeck.

Twitter Has launched 7 Updates for TweetDeck: eAskme
Twitter Has launched 7 Updates for TweetDeck: eAskme

Tweetdeck helps you easily respond to messages, check your timeline and monitor hashtags from the same screen.

Every Twitter user can access TweetDeck for free from their smartphone and desktop browser.

Twitter has launched new updates to make it easy for users to use TweetDeck.

Here is the list of updates for TweetDeck.

Twitter TweetDeck Updates:

Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts:

Twitter users can manage multiple Twitter accounts from the TweetDeck screen.

In addition, it is easy to switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

To switch Twitter account using TweetDeck:

  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Click on “Add an Existing Account.”
  • Now, toggle between different accounts.

Realtime Twitter Timelines:

Twitter TweetDeck displays Timelines in a reverse chronological manner.

You will see the latest tweets on the top and older tweets following the latest one.

Clear TweetDeck Columns:

TweetDeck users can completely clean TweetDeck columns to get the latest Tweets loaded.

Scroll to Top:

Scroll to Top feature work according to its name.

Undo Delete:

You can undelete a tweet that you may have accidentally deleted.

Update DM Columns:

Twitter users can manage, view, and send messages from TweetDeck columns.
You can create a deck and manage your messages.

Easy Mouse Compatibility:

Twitter has improved mouse compatibility for easy on-screen navigation.


Twitter is rolling out more than tens of updates every year. It is said many times that TweetDeck can be converted into a paid tool for users.

It’s been months since users are talking about the subscription model for the TweetDeck service.

Twitter is still working and learning to improve its way of launching a user-friendly TweetDeck.

Twitter has already launched the premium service Twitter Blue which allows users to undo tweets and bookmark.

Twitter has also launched Super follows as another paid tool to help users make money with Twitter.

We will love to see what Twitter will do with TweetDeck.

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