December 08, 2021

How to Give a Killer Presentation?

By Sona Mathews

People listen to your presentation to gain some useful insights.

When you see them yawning, talking to each other, or checking their phones, it means that you fail to grasp their attention.

  • Is it that the content of the presentation isn't interesting enough?
  • Do you deliver your material in the wrong way?

How to Give a Killer Presentation?: eAskme
How to Give a Killer Presentation?: eAskme

Whatever the reason, making a smart presentation is an art that takes some time and effort to master.

To do everything right, you may need some guidance.

The following instructions will help you wow your audience with excellent performance.

Frame Your Story:

A powerful story can make your presentation stand out.

The main point is to conceptualize it and put it in a frame.

How can you do it?

Think about taking your audience for a walk. Instead of revealing all your cards at once, you may try to provide small pieces of information to keep an intrigue.

Your presentation needs to have a concept.

You can achieve this result using a classic narrative structure, from an involving outset to an exciting end.

This concept should be integrated into your speech and in your slides as well.

Using the Google slide themes designed at MasterBundles can help you organize everything properly.

Your speech is supposed to be the logical continuation of the statements made on your slides. Don't try to stuff them with all the details.

Adding some major statements will be enough to make your work laconic yet clear to the audience.

Find the Perfect Mix of Data and Narrative:

Your presentation should look like a cake with multiple layers, each requiring different ingredients.

After conducting thorough research and analysis of the collected data, you should split it into separate sub-topics.

One sub-topic will be introduced on 1-2 slides and discussed in detail in your speech.

Further Reading:

To learn how to create a catchy presentation, you may need to read some additional sources.

Don't be afraid of conducting an online search to educate yourself more on the given topic.

Storytelling That Moves People:

While standing in front of the audience and making a speech, don't forget to appeal to people's emotions.

Whether you make a joke or share a tragic story, make sure to sound honest and convincing. Otherwise, people will refuse to take your words seriously.

Plan Your Delivery:

You can deliver the material from your presentation in different ways.

There are three of them:

  • Reading a script
  • Mapping out your speech in a set of bullets
  • Memorizing the material word by word

Plan Your Presentation Delivery: eAskme

No one can force you to choose this or that way of delivery.

But professional speakers manage to introduce their presentation through mapping.

They use general statements about the subject matter as guidance, not the source of information.

Thus, they rely on their knowledge of the material contained in the presentation, which allows them to speak using their own words.

Of course, this method is the most time-consuming at the preparation phase.

But it doesn't give you a fake sense of confidence when you read your speech or say it by heart.

Develop Stage Presence:

Being a speaker reading the text from his notes will take you nowhere.

What's worse, your audience will refuse to follow your leads within the first several minutes of your speech. This will make your performance look insincere.

If you want to become a professional speaker, you should learn to keep eye contact with your audience from the first to the last minute of your presentation.

To make this possible, you should learn your material.

This will make you feel confident yet prepared for different questions listeners ask.

Further Reading:

To master the art of presentation delivery, you should take some practicing in front of the mirrors or in front of your friends.

On the web, you can find a lot of useful information on how to develop your presentation skills.

How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea:

Your presentation aims to pitch an idea or achieve a business goal.

Once you state it clearly, you will manage to persuade the audience to do something they wouldn't have done without your talk.

Plan the Multimedia:

Your audience didn't come to read information from a screen.

They came to see your performance.

No matter how well-prepared speech you have, you may need visual aids to make things work.

Many people perceive the information through visuals more effectively than words only.

Visual aids are elements of a visual manner, including graphs, photos, video clips, etc.

They are not obligatory, but they are recommended in most presentations.

This is especially the case when you mention some statistics, numbers, and dates.

Sometimes a nice picture or a short video may contribute to the emotional state of your audience.

As a result, they will be more encouraged to listen to the rest of your speech.

Plan the Multimedia for presentation: eAskme

Make sure that the visuals you place on your slides address the main point of your presentation or support your own words.

This works very well in the IT industry, where visual aids complement the main content.

But this can work in the context of any other industry.

Putting It Together:

Building up a worthy presentation is not as difficult as it seems.

With the right approach to the creative process, you will manage to put all the right elements together and deliver them in the best possible way.

Remember that the audience is generally on your side.

You need to show respect to all people who decide to attend your presentation.

How can you achieve this kind of result?

Conduct thorough research, analyze the collected information, organize it into a clear narrative, and deliver the material with your own words.


Presentations can be nerve-wracking if you don't make them often.

But don't be upset by the process.

Read the information below next time you need to get in front of an audience.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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