Is Syndicated Content a Google Ranking Factor or not?

Have you ever syndicated content? Do you wonder if content syndication is a Google ranking factor or not?

There is a lot of talk in the SEO community about whether syndicated content is spam or a ranking factor.

Is Syndicated Content a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme
Is Syndicated Content a Google Ranking Factor or not?: eAskme

Syndicated content can go both ways. Your content syndication practice can outrank competitors but also can become spam.

Content marketers and journalists widely use content syndication.

But is it a ranking factor?

Let’s find out today.

Claim: Syndicated Content is a Google Ranking Factor

Content syndication is a widely used practice.

The primary purpose of syndicating content is to reach a targeted audience to boost traffic and engagement.

For example, a webmaster can publish a blog on the company website. After that, he can syndicate content on various sites like Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

Sharing your existing or new content on different networks to earn a link back and regular traffic.

You can use both blogs and publications to syndicate content.

You can share content with multiple publishers or content syndication networks.

Your syndicated content will look like this:

  • Identical to other sites.
  • The condensed portion of the articles.
  • Edited content.

When your content is used without your consent, it becomes duplicate content.

And, it is necessary to keep an eye on content theft.

Some sites are using tools for content scraping.

Syndicated content is not a Google ranking Factor:

Google Search Central has mentioned two types of spammy syndicated content in the Advanced SEO section.

  • RSS Feed scrapping.
  • Scraped content with no value to the original content.

In both cases, the content will not rank in search results.

The original author can also file a copyright claim.

Google Search Central has published a detailed video on webspam content.

John Muller has also published how syndicated content can surround pirated content.

Google has also published how you should handle duplicate content.

Conclusion: Syndicated Content As a Google Search Ranking Factor

If you syndicate content on popular and relevant networks to grow your audience, it will help rank.

But if you submit content without any authentic goal, it will not help in ranking.

It means that syndicated content is not likely to help in search ranking.

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