July 03, 2021

Google New Spam Algorithm Update Released [Explained]

Google has launched a spam-related algorithm update on 23rd June 2021.

Danny Sullivan from Google has confirmed the rollout of a new algorithm to fight spam in search results.

Next week, Google will launch another spam-related update.

Google New Spam Algorithm update explained: eAskme
Google New Spam Algorithm update explained: eAskme

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Though, Google has not shared everything about this new update. Yet, we know that this update will help Google to clean spam from SERP.

If your website follows Google Webmaster’s guidelines, then you need not worry.

Google punishes low-quality sites for spreading spam content and misusing user information.

Google Spam update will also target phishing sites and malicious sites that try to outrank quality sites.

It is also said that an unsecure site also spread spam.

Hacked spam attacks are rampant.

If your site ranking drops suddenly during this week or the next, then you should check your website security.

Spam updates will demote the website or remove the spammy site from the Google index.

Google is already offering 99% spam-free search results.

Sullivan has shared the post that states what Google has done to fight spam.

Search engine giant has blocked more than 25 billion spammy pages from indexing.

We can expect more about the Spam update in Google’s annual spam-fighting report.

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