October 19, 2022

Content Syndication Explained: How, What, Who, When, Where, & Why

What is Content Syndication? Who should syndicate content? When and where you should use content syndication practices? Why is content syndication important? How to syndicate content? These are few of the most asked content syndication questions.

Content syndication is now a new strategy. Yet people are not aware of content syndication is right for them or not. Today I am explaining the basics of content syndication and answering these questions.

Content Syndication Basics: How, What, Who, When, Where, & Why: eAskme
Content Syndication Basics: How, What, Who, When, Where, & Why: eAskme

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Content syndication is part of modern content marketing or growth marketing strategies.

But, the way and result of content syndication have changed in the past few years.

With the evolution of content formats, content syndication has also evolved.

Yes, most of the people still believe that articles or blog posts are the only content types they should syndicate.

Other than blog posts or articles, there are many different content formats that you should use for content syndication such as;

These will skyrocket your content performance.

And, it is the right time to start with content syndication.

Today, I am explaining how you should use content syndication, lead generation and intent marketing techniques as content syndication strategy.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the way to publish your content on third party websites for maximum exposure and more traffic.

As a growth marketing strategy, Content syndication will help you achieve your marketing goals.

The basic idea behind content syndication is to grow to reach to the target audience. But content syndication only brings the best results if you choose the right platforms to syndicate your content.

This way, content syndication becomes a marketing tool for growth.

When syndicating content, each platform has a different approach.

Most of the content syndication platforms allow you to;

  • Edit a shorter piece of your content.
  • Post expert from your content.
  • Republish your content.

You will assign credit to the original piece of content when syndicating content on third party sites.

Content Syndication is beneficial for both the publisher and content syndication platform. The publisher gets a platform to syndicate his content; the syndication platform gets new content without efforts.

Who Can Benefit from Content Syndication?

Any blogger, business or marketer can get benefits from content syndication. The only thing you need to focus is on selecting the right syndication platform with the target audience.

To see an immediate benefit, you need to produce authoritative content for the audience.

Why Should You Use Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the way to reach a larger audience. It is beneficial for all small-mid-large businesses.

Without an audience, your content marketing is a waste of time and efforts.

Syndicating content on third party sites will help you to attract a more vast audience.

Some content syndication platforms allow your site to grab the attention of the core audience and establish you as an industry influencer.

The best content syndication strategies help you to grow your business and generate leads.

Content syndication is the first step in the right direction.

There are many other benefits of syndicating content.

Content syndication will help you to boost referral and organic traffic with the help of links from high-quality websites, blogs, and publications.

For example; when you publish your content on third party sites, you will not only attract traffic but also earn backlinks. This will be an add-on for your domain authority and organic search results.

To grow brand value and online presence, you need to publish high-quality content consistently.

The high-quality content will boost your chances to get promoted by industry experts. You can also run cross-platform distribution.

Publishing your content on the targeted platform with the similar audience will increase your chances to grow traffic, and email subscribers.

Content syndication also shows the importance of the content for your business.

You can make content syndication a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Here are the few ways how you can do it.

Share Valuable Content with Industry Experts:

Syndicating content that provides real value to thought leadership will improve your chances to get multiple mentions.

You can use syndication as a lead generation strategy.

More Revenue:

Content marketing is required to generate more revenue for the business.

Content syndication drives more revenue through industry experts when they distribute your content to their audience.

Increase Audience Base:

A content marketer understands the importance of a growing audience.

Content syndication helps you to connect with a larger audience.

Not only that, but you can add more value to your brand with content syndication.

How Does Content Syndication Work?

More than 50 content syndication platforms are running online. And, they are following the same syndication process.

Maximum businesses have adopted a cost per lead method.

Syndication businesses are helping marketers to distribute their content to the broader and most targeted audience.

Specific targeting means high CPL.

In the beginning, you can start with a small budget to test the capabilities of the syndication service provider. Analyze the result and optimize your content syndication campaign.

Content syndication service providers will help you with the set of tools to minimize your ad spend and maximize results.

You will not find support at full syndication services.

Yet, they are growing.

Content syndication is more than just publishing the content.

You need to focus on internet-based marketing to get maximum results.

You should use precision targeting approach to reach the target audience who are interested in buying your products or services.

Here are the most popular forms of Content Syndication:

Co-Marketing Syndication:

Co-Marketing Syndication occurs when two or more brands collaborate to promote each other’s content.

In this type of marketing, businesses share the efforts and result.

Earned Content Syndication:

Earned content syndication occurs when you are using your blog or the same blog to syndicate content again and again.

Just reach to the blog or news website and see if they are interested in regularly publishing your content.

Social Content Syndication:

Social Syndication happens when two or more brand collaborates to promote content on their social networks profiles or pages.

In simple words, when you start sharing the content of others, and others share your content on social networks.

Where to Syndicate Your Content?

Another question is where you should syndicate your content.

The success of your content syndication efforts relies on how well you optimize your strategy.

Find the content syndication services or authors who can help you syndicate your content on brands like eAskme, mashable, etc.

What are the Popular Types of Content Syndication Platforms?

You should syndicate the content of different networks or platforms for better results.

Here are the most popular types of Content Syndication platforms:

Blogging Platforms:

Bloggers accept guest posts. This way, they allow other publishers and marketers to syndicate their content on blogging platforms.

Syndicating content on the blog with the similar audience will help you grab more attention and readers.

Multi-Author Publications

There are many multi author-publication that accepts content syndication. You can submit RSS or articles on such website to republish them.

Social Media Today and Business 2 Community are some of the famous examples of Multi-Author publications.

Social Networks:

Social networks are the most common and widely used platforms to syndicate content.

You can share your content using Linkedin Publishing Platform and Facebook Instant Articles.

These two are the best social content syndication platforms.

Most Popular Content Syndication Platforms:

IT-Curated Syndication Platforms:

There are many content syndication services provider who can distribute your content on hundreds of syndication platforms in one go.


Outbrain is one of the most popular content syndication platforms. With the help of Outbrain, you can syndicate your content on sites like ESPN, CNN, etc.


Taboola is a popular content discovery platform. It helps you syndication your content with the help of content recommendations.

In 2019 Toboola merged with outbrain.

When Should You Syndicate Your Content?

Content syndication is a time game.

You need to republish your content but not before indexing your content. Good content with timely publishing will improve your chances to get better results.

Make sure that search engines will first rank your content and after that start syndicating your content on high authority sites.

How to Improve Content Syndication Strategies:

Now you understand the basics on content syndication. It is the time to understand how you can multiply the result of your syndication efforts.

Master Outreach:

Build connections with established authors of industry experts. This will help you grab social syndication opportunities as quickly as you publish the relevant content.

Learn the type and style of your targeted publication.

Now, send customized emails telling them about the content you have published and how it can be beneficial for them. This will improve your chances to syndicate content.

Syndicate Upwards:

Syndicate with the sites that have a more extensive audience base.

Audience size and relevance play an essential role here.

Partner with such sites, and it will help you easily syndicate your content on multiple platforms. You will also get some thought leadership talking about your content.

This way, you will attract more and more partners that are interested in syndicating your content. Gain momentum.

Content syndication is excellent to earn high-quality backlinks. These backlinks will add more value to your domain authority and SEO.

Analyze and Improve:

There is no 100% win-win strategy. You always need to test, analyze and improve your content syndication strategy.

But your goal should be to reach the maximum target audience.

After a specific time, you can also rely on ROI.

Focus on the lead quality, and it will help you understand if you are walking on the right path or not.

Here are the factors that will help you understand lead quality;

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is one of the most critical factors that determine if your content syndication is fruitful or not. Check the speed of qualified leads and investment.

Engagement Rate:

Engagement rate is the total number of times a prospect engages with your syndicated content.

Qualification rate:

The total number of time opportunities meets the qualification.

Success Rate:

The number of times leads to convert into customers.

Use your brain also.

Use traffic, social engagement, etc., as the signals to your ROI.


Content Syndication is the fastest way to make your content seen by a broader audience, even if you are a newbie for content syndication.

Content syndication also results in more revenue, traffic, email subscribers and brand value.

With the help of content syndication, you will grab more value for your business.

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