April 05, 2022

Twitter DM Search: Find Messages using Keywords

Do you want to search Twitter messages? If yes, you should know that soon Twitter will launch the update that will allow Twitter users to search direct messages using keywords.

Twitter DMs are not very popular.

Twitter DM Search: Find Messages using Keywords: eAskme
Twitter DM Search: Find Messages using Keywords: eAskme

Now Twitter is working in the direction to make DMs engaging.

Now you can search direct messages on Twitter using the search bar. All you need is to type the keyword.

You will see this feature on Android, iOS, and browsers.

Twitter's DM search bar is not a new feature. It is already there since 2019.

Yet they could not search messages using keywords. The only way to use Dm search was to type the person's name.

It is a concern for those users who are habitual of searching messages using keywords on apps like Facebook.

Twitter has decided to launch a keyword search feature for direct messages. It is a needed feature that should have been launched 3 years earlier with Twitter's DM search launch.

How to search Twitter messages using keywords?

If you have ever used the search feature on Facebook messenger, you already know how this feature should work on Twitter.

To use the keyword search feature on Twitter direct messages, you need to go to the DM inbox and type keyword.

You will see the result of messages with that keyword.

Twitter's new keyword search for DMs is a great addition, yet they have lacked the essential ability to search archived messages.

You can only search DMs between the years 2020 to till now.


Twitter's new keyword search for DMs is an important update.

But you cannot find the older messages using a keyword search for direct messages.

Yet it is valuable to find old messages using this new feature.

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