April 05, 2022

LinkedIn has Introduced Newsletter for Business Pages

LinkedIn has launched Newsletters for business pages.

LinkedIn is not the only network offering newsletter features; Twitter newsletters are already there.

LinkedIn Newsletters work as long content formats that only subscribers can access.

LinkedIn has Introduced Newsletter for Business Pages: eAskme
LinkedIn has Introduced Newsletter for Business Pages: eAskme

If you are into blogging or marketing, you are already familiar with email marketing and building email lists.

LinkedIn makes eMail newsletters available on social networks for your business page followers.

LinkedIn newsletters are part of LinkedIn articles for pages.

LinkedIn’s articles for pages were introduced to boost user engagement on Business pages and spark conversations.

Now, Newsletters will add a subscription feature to business pages on LinkedIn. It will help followers to get upcoming articles.

LinkedIn newsletters will help you build loyal followership and help your followers stay updated with your current updates.

How to create LinkedIn Newsletters?

  • Go to your LinkedIn business page.
  • Write an article and select “Create a Newsletter.”
  • Publish a newsletter to display in your feed and notify your followers.

You can also use analytics to review the performance of your newsletters.

If your followers find your articles interesting and want more updates from you, they will subscribe to your newsletters.

Creating a series of articles will help you gain followers interested in similar content. In addition, your newsletter subscribers will get a notification about the following published article.

LinkedIn has tested newsletters with Zoom, Insider, and news publisher brands.

Boost communication:

LinkedIn allows you to create business pages and publish relevant content. In addition, you can write lengthy articles or publish short content on your pages.

To get better results with newsletters, you should create a series of articles related to one topic and publish them.

LinkedIn newsletters will help you build a targeted audience.


LinkedIn is the most successful professional social network. It is where you can find business opportunities, find jobs, gain followers, and build authority. Articles for Pages and Newsletters are helpful in this direction.

Only qualified business pages can access newsletters and articles on LinkedIn.

As newsletters are still new for LinkedIn, it is good to see how users react to this feature.

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