March 26, 2022

YouTube Shorts Views Now Count for YouTube Monetization

By Sona Mathews

YouTube Short views are not counting towards the YouTube monetization program. But they will still display in the total watch time of your channel.

Your YouTube shorts video views will not make you eligible for YouTube Partner Program even when you see them in total watch time.

YouTube Shorts Views Do Not Count for YouTube Monetization: eAskme
YouTube Shorts Views Do Not Count for YouTube Monetization: eAskme

YouTube Partner Program allows channels to monetize their content if they fulfill all the requirements.

Your channel must have 1000+ subscribers and 4000-hour watch time, excluding YouTube Shorts.

All the watch time should come from regular videos on your channel.

YouTube has answered about this in their YouTube’s Creator Insider Channel.

Here is what they have said about YouTube watch time.

Shorts Views Count in 4000 hours of watch-time or not?

Not only you, but many others are looking for the answer to this question if YouTube counts Shorts views toward 4000 hours watch time requirement.

But it doesn’t mean that YouTube Shorts creators cannot make money online. YouTubers can use Shorts Fund to monetize shorts.

YouTube has answered this question and many other vital questions in YouTube Creator Insider’s video.

Can you repurpose long videos into YouTube Shorts?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with republishing your content in YouTube Shorts.

Will there be separate analytics for VOD and YouTube shorts?

YouTube is working in the way to create a separate analytics section in YouTube.

Should You Create Separate Channel for YouTube Shorts?

YouTube creators can create separate channels for shorts if you are only willing to create short videos.

Can I Add Custom Thumbnails to YouTube Shorts?

YouTube is still taking feedback to use custom thumbnails for YouTube Shorts.


YouTube is making shorts engaging and monetizable, but they are still different from regular videos on YouTube Channels.

In the coming months, you can expect more ways to monetize Shorts. Until then, you should keep working on improving your channels and brand presence.

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