March 26, 2022

10 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Local Businesses

Do you have a small budget for digital marketing? Are you finding it hard to establish local businesses against the competition in your industry?

You need to follow some creative digital marketing ideas that can skyrocket your local business.

10 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Local Businesses: eAskme
10 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Local Businesses: eAskme

How do people find a local business, shop, café, or restaurant?

People find a place or business when they know about their address, someone shows them the location, or they find the online ad.

Social media posts or marketing ads can help your local business to reach the target audience.

But local businesses often struggle with the budget for digital marketing.

It is common to have a low budget or fewer resources than established brands.

When you can’t afford expensive, be creative.

Today, I am sharing some creative marketing ideas that you can use to market your brand, business, product, or services with a small budget.


Find an influencer in your local area to market your local business.

You may not afford the influencer service with million followers, but you can still take the help of micro-influencers.

But how to find an influencer who is ready to promote your business or products.

You can find influencer accounts with targeted followers.

It is when you need to take the help of social softwares.

Use tools like Awario to find social media influencers.

Select your city name to find the relevant influencers.

You can also filter influencers based on a maximum or the minimum number of followers.

Please select the best influencers and reach them using emails.

Invite influencers to visit your business, offer freebies and let them talk about your business on their social media profiles.

You offer them ideas to create content, which will help in brand awareness.

You can create alerts to know when someone mentions your brand name.

This way, you can find influencers who are already discussing your brand.

Create Stories based on local narrative:

We all love stories.

Stories have been there since humans learned how to talk.

Create memorable stories for your targeted audience with your brand mention.

Sometimes you need to make up stories, and sometimes you can use existing stories.

Go to local attractions, dig into history, and find what is helpful for your targeted customers.

Use the narrative in your website, review sites and social media networks.

Create posts that strengthen your story and narrative.

Run similar stories across various social networks.

Create content that is easy to search:

Local SEO is what you need to attract targeted customers.

For this, you need content that pulls customers to your website.

The more traffic you generate, the more chances you have to convert them into customers.

Most businesses go for hyper-targeted keywords, such as Digital marketer in Cincinnati.

But what I consider creating content for local SEO is when you are talking about your town or attractions and promoting your brand.

It would help to target both in your articles, videos, and social media posts.

Use every content type to reach the target audience.

For example, the top 10 best digital marketing agencies in New York is a great way to list your brand or service organically.

To avoid the situation where you end up promoting your competitors, it is best to choose a topic that is not valuable for your competitors.

When using content marketing to market local businesses, you should also focus on the timing of your promotions.

Holiday marketing or event marketing is what you need.

Use Local Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are the most engaging part of Facebook.

In a Facebook group, you can promote your business and better understand your clients.

To get a better result, you need not be over promotional.

Do not spam groups with offers and discounted posts.

Start conversations to build trust and gain authority.

Make sure that your conversations gain attention.

Be Local:

As a local business, you have better reach local customers than established businesses that do not have shops in that area.

Take advantage of your situation by using hyper-local ads.

Here is what you can do:

  • Find ad groups using Google Search Console.
  • Use address or zip code.
  • Use distance.


It is not always good to use Yelp for taking customer reviews.

You can also use forums, social media sites and blog posts to get engaging reviews.

Take care of every review. Positive reviews will help you showcase your quality, and negative reviews help you find out the issues and fix them.

You can use social media monitoring tools like Tweetdeck and Google Alerts.

Use Local Media:

Local media like newspapers or online media also have significant importance when targeting local customers.

When promoting products or services in a local area must use local media services.

Get your brand, products or services published on local media sites. You will not only earn backlinks but also grab the attention of the local audience.

Event Marketing:

Events are a great way to market your business in the local market.

It is not always necessary to start offline events; you can also go online.

Make sure that your event serves a massive purpose for most people. Your brand will get attention by organizing fundraising events.

Promote your event using social media ads and local Facebook groups.

Establish connections with the visitors to get maximum benefit.

Social Media Contest:

Christmas is the Holiday season in most countries.

Even if your visitors are not necessarily active buyers, you can make them your loyal follower by handing them some gifts.

You can event start Giveaway contests and let people participate to win the gifts.

Local Partnership:

Build partnerships with other businessmen.

This way, you can learn from their experience and build your network.

While communicating with other businesses, you will find many opportunities to promote your brand.

You get two benefits with this strategy:

You build a connection with professionals who can promote your business.

You will get goodwill and brand awareness from others.


These are the 10 local digital marketing ideas that you must follow to perform better in the local market.

You will also earn community benefits.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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