What is Performance PR & Why Does it Matter?

If you want to be successful with your business, then you need to figure out how to incorporate Performance PR into your business plan.
In order to get the sales that you want and have successful marketing campaigns, you need to start at the very top of the sales funnel.

Sitting up at the top is PR—which uses trusted media sources to get your business top of mind amongst the masses.

What is Performance PR & Why Does it Matter?: eAskme
What is Performance PR & Why Does it Matter?: eAskme

Performance PR is a concept that is not offered by all agencies. But some of the very best do and for good reason—it ensures that there is a mutual two-way relationship and a sense of trust and accountability.
Many organizations get frustrated with PR efforts at times simply because there is no guarantee in the PR world.

Your inclusion in a story is completely up to the discretion of the journalist.

But while Performance PR does not guarantee you will be in the New York Times or CNN, it does guarantee that you will not have to pay the PR agency anything until the agreed-upon level of coverage with the agency has in fact been secured.
So, it becomes a simple tick for tack: no earned media results mean you do not pay. Or, you get featured in USA Today means you will be invoiced for the agency’s efforts.
How do you actually know if performance PR is right for you? And what should you consider when looking for agencies that can deliver exceptional performance PR results?
We have rounded up everything that you need to know about performance PR, why your business needs it and the tips and tricks to ensure you get the best results possible.

Defining Performance PR:

Every company needs a good PR plan. But not all PR plans are created equal.

In fact, they are all unique and based on a variety of factors.

This includes how new the company is, how much earned media they already get organically, the budgets of the company and the announces that are lined up in that year.
Here are the top things to consider when it comes to deciding if performance PR is the right avenue for you.

1. How much coverage your company receives:

If your company already gets consistent coverage, then a performance PR plan may end up getting quite expensive for you.

But if being present in the media is something you haven’t quite mastered, then performance PR agreements can really have their benefits.

2. Who you want to target:

Next, do an analysis of your current PR coverage and the types of audiences you are reaching.

If you are already hitting your targeted audience groups then performance PR may not be right for you.

But if you want to create diverse coverage that reaches all the groups you want to speak to, then this may be the right type of PR for you.

3. If you have designated spokespeople:

This is super important because great PR opportunities require great spokespeople.

You do not want to engage in a performance PR agreement if you actually can not deliver on your end and have the right people available and trained to speak to the right topics.

So make sure that you have a great spokesperson lined up when considering going down this avenue of PR.

4. Evaluate your coverage goals:

  • Do you have big dreams of being featured in top tier media outlets?
  • Do you want to have an in-depth analysis of your company featured in Forbes or The New York Post?

Performance PR allows you to come to an agreement upfront about the type of coverage you are after and gives the agency the direction and motivation to go after exactly that for you.

The Benefits of Performance PR:

There are many great benefits to performance PR.

One of the best is that you are always guaranteed to not have to pay until you get the results agreed upon upfront.

This model gives you the peace of mind that you can see real value in your PR efforts and that the money being invested in is equally being returned with the type of coverage you actually want.
Plus, the other benefit is that you can work with your performance PR agency to get the right types of SEO backlinks into these top tier publications.

This means that you can give this requirement to the agency and ensure that the website you want readers to click through is matched with the SEO keywords you want to be enhanced.
Not only does this benefit your SEO marketing results as well, but will drive overall website traffic and brand awareness of what you do and what you offer.


Performance PR is something that should be considered by every company.

There are so many win-wins from a PR approach like this, so why not see if it is right for you today?

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