May 14, 2019

How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways)

Link Building is the crucial yet most important part of online business strategy.

With every passing year, building backlinks are getting harder and harder. There was a time when buying links was the easiest way to build relationships and get high ranking in search results.

But that is not the only thing you need to care about when building backlinks.

How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways): eAskme
How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways): eAskme

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Since last year, brands are giving more focus on maintaining a healthy link profile.

But at the same time, it is not easy to earn high-quality links. Sometimes you do not even know which path you should follow to build quality one-way backlinks.

This is the time when you should think about content marketing.

Shake hand with Content marketing:

If you are running an SEO campaign, then your focus should be on earning links with the help of content marketing.

To maximize your link growth with the help of SEO content marketing campaigns, you must understand everything about running content marketing campaigns.

If you think that content marketing is only about guest blogging, then you are wrong.

Keep your mind open to more than just guest blogging.

Start publishing infographics, impressive images, and data-driven studies.

There are many ways that you should use to earn links with content marketing campaigns.

There is no doubt that each SEO professional try to use a different approach to earn links, but still, results are not as expected.

This is the time when you should look for ways to build links through content marketing campaigns.
Whenever I talk about running a campaign, people start talking about the budget..

Keeping that in mind I have categorized content marketing techniques according to budget, such as;
  • Low-Budget Content Marketing Techniques
  • Mid-Budget Content Marketing Techniques
  • High-Budget Content Marketing Techniques
Here is what you need to know:

Low-Budget Content Marketing Techniques

Low-budget content marketing techniques: How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways): eAskme

Are you worrying too much about the budget when it comes to building links?

Or you have a limited budget for content marketing campaigns?

If you are a blogger or startup or SMB, then you have a limited budget to grow your business reputation through SEO.

You cannot hire the whole team of SEO professionals.

If you are also on a tight budget, then these 7 low budget content marketing techniques will help you.

All you need is to invest more time and have the patience to grow your link profile organically.

Case Studies:

Case studies reveal the in-depth truth about the business or the project.

Your case studies can help others to find the perfect solution to a problem or find the best from the rest in the related industry.

Case studies also attract more social shares, comments and user engagement as compared to general articles.

Case studies will help you earn a lot of links as authentic bloggers love to include case study references in their articles.

A data-driven and insightful case study will attract publishers to use it as a reference in their articles, and you will get many dofollow link backs.

Data Analysis:

Data-driven content marketing campaigns are cost-effective and easy to use.

To add more value to your content, you need to do analysis and collect data from highly useful resources.

You can easily earn links by adding tables, graphs reports in your articles. You can also turn this information into an infographic. This will also help to boost link backs to your content.

Expert Contributions:

You can find one or more experts in every industry.

Experts are the precious assets of the content marketing business.

Experts like journalists focus more on the personal or professional profile of the person rather than linking to an infographic or image.

You can join HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to connect with journalists in your industry.

Expert Roundups:

An expert roundup is the most commonly used content marketing strategy by bloggers and content marketers.

It is highly cost-effective and can help you earn a lot of links from all the experts you include in your roundup post.

This is the strategy which follows the ego baiting formula.

If you can make 100 or more experts to participate in your roundup, then you can quickly expect most of them to link back to your content in their “As seen” or “published on” pages.

Before using this strategy, you need to find out the bloggers who are linking to the pages where they are featured on.

Create a list of such bloggers and start pitching them about the next expert roundup post.

If you cannot do it, then you should hire an expert like .

Only pitch the bloggers who are directly related to your topic.

Guest Blogging:

The modern use of guest blogging is not just to publish articles on different sites, but it is about adding value to the blog you are posting your article.

This is also a great way to earn a link back.

You can only expect good results from guest blogging if you are showing your expertise in publishing article on other sites.

Also, make sure that you respond to every comment and share the content on social channels.


Publishing interviews on your blog can help you earn links from bloggers or industry experts. I have also published more than 50 expert interviews on my blog.

But things have changed now.

Now if you want to earn backlinks from interviews, then you have to find the bloggers or experts with mass following or authority.

As long as your blog can attract the expert to share his knowledge on your blog, you can expect them to give an interview for your blog.

Every day I am also getting tons of requests about expert interviews, but I cannot accept all requests because most of the sites are new or they do not have any value.

Experts can only spend their time on an expert interview if they find your blog valuable.

Long Guides:

Long guides are also helpful to attract backlinks.

Get rid of thin content and start writing long guides.

When writing long guides your focus should not be on populating your post, but you should be to the point and add all the extra ingredients of impressive link worthy content in your blog.

You need to make your content highly resourceful and perfectly use able.

Understand every question that you think your visitors want to ask about the topic and answer all of them in your article.

Some of the best examples of long and link worthy content are;
The reason why you should write long content is that longer content adds more value to the user and visitors can find all the related information on one page.

Mid-Budget Content Marketing Techniques

Mid-budget content marketing techniques: How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways): eAskme

If you are ready to spend a few thousand dollars every month or you have hired a professional designer, or you have a team of designers then you can quickly boost the impact of your marketing techniques.

This is where you can earn content with mid-budget content marketing techniques.


Collaboration plays an essential role in earning links with the help of content marketing campaigns.

Many times you can find marketing collaboration opportunities where you can market your own product at the same time with the product of another service.

For example, if you are doing SEO for a skates company, then you can collaborate with the brands related to safety such as helmet, elbow guard, etc. to run an event.

At that event where you can promote skates, the other brand will tell the people how to be safe when running on skates.


High-quality infographics not only increase the number of social shares but at the same time brings a lot of backlinks.

When it comes to earning links with an infographic, outdated and lousy infographic do not stand a chance.

You need to create an impressive and data-driven infographic to earn backlinks.

Here are some examples of infographics;
When creating an infographic not only focus on quality but also focus on uniqueness. Publishing unique infographics can help you build more links.

Local PR:

No matter how big or small your business is, you should never ignore the importance of local publications.

Online news publications, magazines, and local newspapers are the easy to use assets to spread the word about your business and generate quality linkbacks.

Local publications are the best place to share success stories, press release, etc.

Earning local links from these publications is easy.

Research papers and Whitepapers:

Research papers and whitepapers are the great way to earn targeted links.

But, you can only build links using this strategy if you can offer unique, fresh and valuable content.

B2B businesses focus more on whitepapers and research papers.

High Budget Content marketing techniques:

high Budget content marketing techniques: How to Build Links through Content Marketing (14 Ways): eAskme

If you are a big brand or you are ready to spend more than $2000/campaign, then high budget content marketing techniques are for you. All you need to use is a creative and different approach.

When working on a high budget, you need to make sure that your direction and goals are set. Also, make sure that the campaigns are targeted.

Branding and Authority:

This is not an overnight thing.

It is not easy to build a brand and become an industry expert. It takes time, investment and patience.

Branding has tons of benefits for a business and backlink is one of them.

Once you establish yourself as an industry expert, it will be super easy for you to get guest posts to publish and write columns for a publication.

Building a personal brand is the key to attract tons of backlinks just with your name.


Creating assets that can help the people in the online world can also help you earn tons of backlinks.

The most significant example of this is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is an SEO tool from Neil Patel.

He has made this tool available for free. This tool has helped him generate tons of backlinks.


This tool is highly useful, and every person who is writing about ubersuggest or SEO tools is giving a link back to ubersuggest.

Creating a tool or asset that can help people is the easiest thing to get mentions in different publications and earn backlinks.


Surveys can cost you much, but at the same time, they enrich you with the information that no-one else has.

Surveys are the best way to collect unique data and then use that data to transform your business into a brand.

But before you fall in love with surveys first focus on what you want to achieve with the survey.

Bloggers and publications also love to link back to survey reports. This is a highly effective way to build links.

Final Words/Conclusion:

If you are an SEO expert or regular reader of my blog, then you already know the importance of content marketing and why I talk about content marketing so much.

Content marketing is the best and most effective way to build links with SEO campaigns.

No matter what you do, if you want to make your content marketing effective, then the most significant thing you ever need is value in your content.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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