May 17, 2021

5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns

If you want to find influencers to collaborate with your brand, there are a few key metrics you need to understand.

Analyzing these will give you better insight into the influencer’s profile and performance on social media.

5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme
5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

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Some of these metrics can be observed on social media.

But to get the clearest view of this information, ask influencers for their media kit or internal performance data.

Alternatively, you could use an influencer marketing platform, which provides you with influencer analytics data.

Number of followers

The number of followers an influencer has determines their reach, or how many people potentially see their content.

It also helps to determine their price; generally speaking, the more followers, the higher the influencer’s fee.

Having more followers isn’t always better. Influencers with relatively small followings usually have the highest engagement rates.

Keep reading to learn more about engagement and why it matters.

valeskaschneider: influencer metrics:easkme

With 27.5K followers, @valeskaschneider is considered a micro influencer. She already collaborates with various brands.

Growth over time

It’s important to look at how an influencer gained their followers throughout time. Influencer growth should be slow and steady.

If you see sudden spikes in growth, you should investigate further.
Growth rate for @valeskaschneider. We can see a sudden jump in early January 2021. This may be due to posts by brands she collaborates with.

Growth over time:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns :eAskme

Spikes in follower growth can be caused by a few things.

  • First, the influencer may have hosted a giveaway, which usually requires participants to follow their account.
  • Second, they may have appeared on TV or gone viral.
  • Finally, in the absence of a logical explanation, the influencer may have purchased a batch of fake followers.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of interaction between an influencer and their followers.

To calculate it, add up the number of interactions on a post, divide it by the number of followers, and multiply by 100.

Interactions vary by social network; for example, for Instagram influencers, look at likes and comments.

Some specific posts perform better than others, so take the average on a sample of posts in order to see the influencer’s general engagement.

Also, only compare influencers to their peers when analyzing engagement.

The averages vary based on social network and number of followers, so it’s unfair to compare across social media and follower segments.

Engagement rate:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns :eAskme

Engagement analysis for @valeskaschneider. Compared to other Instagram influencers with between 15-50K followers, she has very high engagement.

Nano and micro influencers (who have up to 50K followers) have the highest engagement rates in the industry.

Although they have fewer followers, their audiences trust them as experts in their niche.

The idea is that the influencers can then leverage that relationship to engage their followers with your brand.

Audience demographics

For any marketing campaign, you need to define your target audience.

And when working with influencers, make sure that their audience matches your target audience.

Look at demographics like country, language, age, gender and interests.

While influencers generally have things in common with their followers, don’t assume this.

Always check to make sure that the collaboration can help you reach the right people and work toward your campaign goals.

Audience demographics:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns:eAskme
 @valeskascheider’s Instagram audience is primarily interested in surf, sport, photography and travel.

Audience authenticity

In addition to demographics, look at the quality of the influencer’s audience. See if the audience seems like authentic people, or if they appear to be bots.

There are some ways to identify bots.

They typically don’t have profile pictures or biographies.

Their names and comments might seem unnatural or off-topic, and they tend to have little to no content.

Audience authenticity analysis for @valeskaschneider. It’s normal for influencers to have a marginal percentage of suspicious followers.

Audience authenticity:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns:eAskme

If you see that a significant percentage of the audience looks like bots, the influencer probably purchased fake followers.

See if you can find spikes in follower growth to back up your hypothesis.

Bonus: Non-quantifiable influencer qualities

In addition to performance-based metrics, there are a few other things to evaluate when searching for influencers to collaborate with.

You want influencers who align with your brand.

That means that the collaboration makes sense, and followers see a connection between the influencer’s profile and what you brand has to offer.

Consider questions like:

●    Is their content of an acceptable quality for my brand?
●    Does their aesthetic style complement my brand’s?
●    Can this influencer’s unique voice share my brand’s message?
●    Does their personality match that of my brand?
●    Does the influencer uphold my brand’s values?


When finding influencers, it’s important to evaluate these key metrics and qualities.

And always relate your influencer search back to the goals you set out for your campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about how to define your campaign, how to find influencers and how to manage your collaborations, check out this influencer marketing guide.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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