May 09, 2023

Google Ads Script: Why You Should Learn?

Learn Google Ads scripts. But why?

Automation is becoming part of every industry, and Google ads scripts are there to automate your ads process.

Google Ads scripts can help you save hours.

Why You Should Learn to Google Ads Script?: eAskme
Why You Should Learn to Google Ads Script?: eAskme

You can create better ads and become a better marketer by learning Google ads scripts.

It is an incredible tool.

So without wasting any time, let’s find out how you can code scripts and why it is important.

3 things that can stop you from coding:

Can’t learn, can’t code:

If you can’t code, then you are not the only one. There are millions of people worldwide who know nothing about coding.

To learn Google Ads scripts, you must understand JavaScript.

It takes time to learn languages like JavaScript.

But do not worry, as, with some serious efforts, you can master JavaScript.

Fear to Mess up things:

You may have the fear that your code can mess up everything.

The preview tool is there to save you from that worry.

You can test your code before publishing it.


You may think that coding is a time-consuming process and sometimes complicated also.

But Google Ads scripts are the pre-existing scripts that you can use with minor changes.

Why Should You Learn to Code Google Ads Scripts?

Google is there for you:

Google offers everything that will help you understand and develop Google ad scrip codes.

Visit the Google Ads Scripts page, and you will find everything you ever need to code and develop scripts.

Even a beginner can use Google Ads scripts with too much brain brushing.

You will find some important sections on the Google Ads Scripts page, such as:


Learn how Google Ads scripts work and how to start.


Learn code strings with explanations.


You can use Copy-and-paste scripts.


Access to different resources to get the latest updates.

Multiple benefits:

Google Ads scripts not only automate ad campaigns but also offer more than one benefit, such as:

  • Analyze performance
  • Bulk uploading.
  • Create extensions.
  • Reporting.
  • Send alerts.

Easy to understand and implement:

Even if you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, you can customize available Google Ads scripts. Or create new scripts for your ads campaign.

It will enhance your PPC skills and knowledge.

It is important to learn JavaScript as almost 97.9% of websites use JavaScript codes.

You can also find Google Ads script tutorials on sites like reddit and YouTube.

Automation is Important for your Career:

The world is moving towards automation.

Microsoft Power Automate software, Zapier, Pardot, SendInBlue, and Hubspot, are already following the automation path.

Google is also making it possible to automate ad campaigns.

Google Ads Script is the beginning of automation for Google Ads.

It is the time to learn such codes and future-proof your career.

Scripts are important:

Google only do something that they find important.

The presence of Google Ads Script shows that Google is investing time and resources in important scripts for ads.


If you want to run automated Google Ads, then you must learn Google Ads scripts.

Even if you don’t, learning Google Ads scripts will help you learn how to optimize ad campaigns and save time.

If you are still unsure, go to the Google Ads scripts page and spend some time.

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