May 26, 2022

How to Search Tweets on Twitter by Date?

Do you want to search your first tweets? Or Do you want to find the tweets using keywords or accounts? Or Do you want to check the engagement of your old tweets?

You can do it with Twitter's tweet search feature.

How to Search Tweets by Date?: eAskme
How to Search Tweets by Date?: eAskme

Twitter's advanced search is an easy-to-use feature, yet most Twitter user does not know where this feature is located.

Most of the time, Twitter users only use the basic search bar available on the front page.

But, Twitter's basic search bar is not the answer to every query.

If you want to find your oldest tweets or check engagement or any topic, you must use Twitter's advanced search option.

You can even search for what has happened on a particular date or find what a specific person or account is tweeting.

Twitter's advanced search function is the answer to everything.

It gives you the biggest collection of tweets where you can find what you are looking for using suitable filters.

Twitter's tweet search feature will show you how people have reacted to a particular tweet.

You can even find your oldest tweet using the tweet search feature.

But first, understand how to use Twitter's advanced search feature.

How to Use Twitter's Advanced Search Feature?

Twitter's advanced search feature gives you some of the best filters to find tweets by date, topic, or account.

You can not only use dates but also further filter the result using search filters like:

  • Words
  • Language
  • Accounts
  • Engagement

How to can you find your oldest tweets by date?

  • Add your Twitter handle to "Accounts."
  • Add account creation date or month in the date filter.
  • Make sure that the date range starts from your account.
  • Now click the "search" option.
  • And here is the result.

You can even check the engagement of your tweets.

How to find tweets using keywords?

For example, if you want to find tweets about Google updates or SEO topics, you can type the keyword in the "Keyword" section and add Google's Twitter accounts.

How to Find Most Liked Tweets?

Set minimum likes in the "Engagement" section and hit enter to find tweets with at least a minimum number of likes.


Twitter advanced search is not a hidden feature, yet users cannot locate it on the homepage.

Use various filters to find tweets based on date, engagement, accounts, keywords, etc.

There is no limit to how you can use Twitter's advanced search filters and find desired results.

Type the words or account, set engagement limits, and set the date to find the result.

You can only access Twitter's advanced search feature on desktop or mobile in smartphone browsers.

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