July 05, 2022

YouTube has Disabled Hidden Subscribers! [and More Updates]

To avoid duplicate or fake creators, YouTube has disabled hidden subscriber counts. Before this update, YouTube Creators were allowed to hide their subscriber count. But now, YouTube channels cannot hide their number of subscribers.

YouTube has Disabled Hidden Subscribers!: eAskme
YouTube has Disabled Hidden Subscribers!: eAskme

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Spammers on YouTube were creating channels to impersonate and comment on other channels.

YouTube has been facing identity-related issues and spam comments for a long time.

As YouTube has launched various updates to improve its platform for both users and creators, they are also working hard to eliminate comment spam and creator impersonation.

With this new YouTube update, YouTube has;

  • Disabled hidden subscriber count on all channels.
  • Power up the auto-moderation feature.
  • Limit the use of special characters in YouTube channel names.

Here is what you must know about the latest YouTube subscriber count update.

YouTube Hidden Subscribers Counts Update:

YouTube channels were hiding subscribers' counts for various reasons.

Most of the new YouTube channels were using this feature.

But it was also a way to impersonate other YouTube channels.

According to YouTube, disabling hidden subscriber counts will stop comment spam and make the platform safe for users.

Comment Moderation on YouTube:

YouTube's auto comment moderation update allows creators to adopt strict comment moderation.
Strict comment moderation will put a stop to comment spam.

How to increase comment strictness on YouTube channels?

  • Sing-in to "Creator Studio."
  • Click on "Settings."
  • Select community and defaults.
  • Check on "hold potentially inappropriate comments for review."
  • Select "increase strictness."
  • Now you can check filtered comments under "held the review."

You can select which comments you want to post or delete.

Limit Special Characters in YouTube Channel Name:

Spammers were using special characters in channel names to impersonate other channels.

From now, YouTube channel creators will have limited reach to the number of characters they can use in the channel name.

However, existing YouTube channel names with special characters will remain.


Not only YouTube, but almost all the popular social media platforms face comment spam and all other types of spam.

YouTube has already removed dislike count.

Comment spam and channel impersonation were the major problems on YouTube, which is why the new update is here.

It will be good to see how this update will solve creator impersonation and comment spam in the coming day.

We all want YouTube to be a better place for users and welcome this update.

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