July 12, 2022

Twitter Unmentioning Feature: How to Remove Unwanted Mentions?

Twitter unmentioning is a new feature that allows Twitter users to untag themselves from unwanted mentions.

If you have been using Facebook, you may already see a similar feature where you can remove your tag from any Facebook post.

Twitter Unmnetioning Feature, Remove unwanted mentions: eAskme
Twitter Unmnetioning Feature, Remove unwanted mentions: eAskme

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Twitter is also introducing a tweet unmentioning feature that will help you to untag yourself from unwanted conversations.

You can remove every mention of your Twitter profile from Twitter conversations.

Twitter Unmentioning feature not only removes your tag from the conversation but also revokes others to add you again in that conversation.

If you want to know how Twitter Unmentioning works and what will happen once you do that, then here is what you should know.

Twitter first talked about the Unmention feature in August 2021. They have spent a lot of time improving the feature and launched it in July 2022.

How Unmentioning on Twitter works?

Twitter Unmentioning feature does the following things for you:

  • Remove your Twitter profile link from the whole conversation.
  • Stop notifications from that conversation.
  • Stop users from re-tagging your account in the same conversation.

To remove your mention, you need to visit the conversation, click the three dots, choose “Leave the conversation.

leave Twitter Conversation with Unmnetioning: eAskme

Give confirmationto remove your account from conversation.

let's get you out of this conversation on Twitter, untag your username, stop future mentions, stop notifications: eAskme

Twitter unmentions offer way more than you get in the Facebook remove tag feature.

You can not only remove your profile from the conversation but also stop others from adding you again in the same conversation.

Twitter launched the Twitter Unmentioning feature on 12th July 2022.


The Twitter Unmentioning feature will help you save yourself from hated conversations or conversations that are just spamming your notifications.

I appreciate this feature.

What do you think?

Do you appreciate Twitter Unmentioning feature?

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