August 11, 2022

The 'Ideas' Panel will no longer be available starting in October 2022

The 'Ideas' panel will no longer be available starting in October.

Google is going to shut down the "ideas" panel. Google's Ideas panel came into existence in 2016.

The 'Ideas' panel will no longer be available starting in October 2022: eAskme
The 'Ideas' panel will no longer be available starting in October 2022: eAskme

With the Ideas panel, Google was collecting data and new content suggestions. People suggested ideas to Google, and search engines displayed these ideas to people looking for fresh content ideas.

But now, Google has decided to shut down because the "ideas" panel has lost its value in the past few years.

Here is everything that you must know about Google's Ideas panel.

Google has notified us that the "Ideas" panel will discontinue starting October 2022.

It means from first October 2022; Google will remove the "ideas" panel and all its content from their database.

What is the "Ideas" Panel?

The "Ideas" panel worked as an ideas collector where people were submitting new content ideas.

Google stopped accepting new ideas into their panel in 2018.

And, it was clear that they would shut down the "ideas" panel sooner or later.

Users were using the "Ideas" panel to share content ideas with people worldwide. But in October 2022, Google will remove all the content ideas and the Ideas panel.

Even though Google has decided to shut down the ideas panel, you can still share content ideas using other knowledge sites like Quora.

Why is Google Discontinuing "ideas" Panel?

Google will Discontinue the Ideas panel. Do you want to know why?

Even though people found the Ideas panel quite an exciting place to search for content ideas, Google still shut down the Ideas panel community for good.

Google has decided to remove the ideas panel website and its data altogether. It means you will no longer have access to content idea suggestions. And this case, you should visit our site or social media pages to find news content and ideas.

Will Google Remove "ideas" Panel data?

Google is removing the Ideas panel and all its data. Everything you have seen or available on the Ideas panel will be permanently removed.

People have already used all the Google Ideas panel data to create online content.

If you have also used Ideas panel data to create content on your website or blog, then the value of those ideas will still stay with you.

What are the Alternatives to the "ideas" panel?

As Google is shutting down the "Ideas" panel, It is time you should start looking for other content idea generation tools like Quora, Buzzsumo, Alltop, Google Trends, etc.

I have been using Google Trends for a long time. It is one of the best tools for finding viral content ideas.

You can even publish content idea surveys on your blog and collect new content ideas from your visitors or subscribers.

As the Ideas panel is going away, it is best to collect user data using forms, polls, or survey sites; you can create forums and integrate them on your blog to collect survey data.

You can also collect user feedback on social media profiles to generate new content ideas.


The ideas panel was an excellent tool for content ideas. Since October 2018, the Ideas panel has been no longer working and accepting new ideas.

You can use our blog and social media platforms to get the best content and more content ideas.

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