August 28, 2022

Twitter Users can Filter Unwanted Replies

Twitter’s new feature will allow users to filter unwanted replies.

Twitter plans to launch a new automatic reply filter feature that allows its users to filter out offensive and harmful replies.

Twitter Users can Filter Unwanted Replies: eAskme
Twitter Users can Filter Unwanted Replies: eAskme

Twitter 's Filter Replies Feature:

Jane Manchun Wong has shared about the reply filter feature on Twitter.

Twitter has also shared that the new reply filter feature will filter potentially unwanted and harmful replies or offensive language. But, other users can still see those replies.

The new Twitter reply filter feature can be found under the Privacy and safety settings.

Turn on the reply filter feature to use it.

Right now, you cannot customize the reply filter feature.

Twitter is already filtering harmful replies and offensive language. You can check those replies in the privacy and safety panel.

Filtering does not Means Censoring:

Twitter’s reply filter is different than censoring.

Other users can still see the replies that you have filtered.

Twitter is not censoring tweets. It is like you filter those replies you do not want to see.

Twitter’s reply filter feature will help reduce negativity when you read replies to your tweets.

Reading fewer negative replies in tweets will bring positivity to your mind.

Peace of mind when using Twitter is quite interesting. It is suitable for user experience when you know your Twitter will filter out unwelcoming messages.

Twitter also allows users to restrict replies.

Twitter or any other social network is all about open talk. If you restrict the user from replying or tweeting, it will be against social network behavior.

The filter reply feature helps ensure that you filter out harmful speech without blocking users from speaking their minds.


Reply filter is a passive way to deal with hate speech and unwanted messages.

We are still waiting for the launch of the filter reply feature. It will be great to see when the feature will launch and how users will use and reach this feature on Twitter.

Once Twitter releases a new update, we will share the news with you.

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