Monetize YouTube Shorts With a 45% Revenue Split

YouTube has announced the upcoming launch of Shorts monetization.

YouTube creators can make money with Shorts.

YouTube Shorts will be monetizable, and creators will earn a 45% revenue share. It is interesting news for YouTube content creators who are making money with YouTube channels.

Monetize YouTube Shorts With a 45% Revenue Split: eAskme
Monetize YouTube Shorts With a 45% Revenue Split: eAskme

For YouTube Videos, you can earn money with ad revenue, but there was no direct solution for shorts.

YouTube Short funds help creators earn money for their popular videos. But there are more effective ways to earn money with YouTube.

YouTube is not only making Shorts monetizable but also expanding YouTube Partner Program eligibility criteria.

You should know everything about YouTube Shorts monetization eligibility criteria and how to earn money with Shorts.

YouTube Shorts Monetization:

To monetize YouTube Shorts, Shorts creators first must fulfill the Short monetization eligibility.

YouTube has added new eligibility criteria for YouTube Partner Program.

Creators with 1000+ subscribers and 10 million+ YouTube Shorts views in the last 90 days.

With this update, creators with 10 million Shorts views will also be eligible for YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube also keeps existing eligibility criteria for YouTube Partner Program, which is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

YouTube is also planning to lower the qualifying threshold of fan funding to allow creators to monetize viewer purchases.

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