September 02, 2022

Twitter Edit Tweets Button: Under Testing!

Twitter is reportedly testing an edit button.

Twitter is the only popular social network where the edit button is unavailable. Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for a long time.

Twitter Edit Tweet Button: eAskme
Twitter Edit Tweet Button: eAskme

The micro-blogging network has finally started experimenting with new editing features for its users.

Twitter Edit Button:

On September 1st, 2022, Twitter from its official handle about the test they are performing before launching the edit button.

Right now, Twitter is internal testing its features for today's users. The announcement shows that it allows users to edit sweets within a 30 minutes window.

Users can edit history within 30 minutes of hitting the share button.

Users may find it a short period to edit their tweets to fix missing tags or some other information but find it is important to keep 30 minutes window to ensure that people will not misuse the edit feature.

Twitter users have been missing the attitude feature for a very long time. Should know that sweet display labels timestamp an icon to indicate the original tweet that has been modified.

Twitter plans to launch this new feature to ensure more engagement and less stress. It is a good feature as it allows you to fix errors without deleting your original tweet.

Who has access to Twitter edit feature?

It is said that Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to the edit feature before anyone else.

Twitter blue is a monthly subscription. You have to pay a monthly minimum fee to get the membership.

Initially, Twitter will launch an edit tweet feature for one country only. Twitter will also analyze the impact of this new feature.

Why is Twitter so concerned about misusing the new tweet editing feature?

Twitter's biggest concern is that people can misuse editing features by adding misinformation, harassment, violent speech, etc.

This is why the Twitter edit tweet feature will come within 30 minutes at a time frame and display the history.


Edit feature is quite common on social networks. It is a new edition for Twitter.

With the help of the edit tweet feature, you can fix wrong hashtags, typing errors, etc. The best thing is that you not be deleting tweets to repost the edited version.

I found this feature quite interesting. It is pretty common to make mistakes when tweeting. Typing errors and grammatical errors are common.

With the edit tweet feature, we can fix these issues.

What do you think?

Do you want to edit your tweets?

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