October 20, 2022

4 Events Business Ideas to Get the Party Started

Events businesses are guaranteed a market, provided they play their cards right.

From weddings to birthdays and corporate events to office parties, most people are only too happy to leave the nuts-and-bolts organizing to the professionals.

The customers state their preferences, and from there on in, they can relax in the knowledge that things will be as they wanted without much further effort.

However, marketing your party rentals in the off season can be tricky.  

Spring, fall, and midwinter will be your busy times.

4 Events Business Ideas to Get the Party Started: eAskme
4 Events Business Ideas to Get the Party Started: eAskme

Your worst months for staging events (planning begins much earlier) are likely to be January to April, on a steadily ascending curve from lows in January.

At the same time, January is a busy month for planning events, while the preceding months of November and December will see you completing many projects planned in the fall.

It can be a comfortable rhythm, but if you’d like better cash flow during “planning” months, you’ll need to get creative.

Try these ideas to boost your sales.

Offer Off-Season Discounts:

January, your worst month for holding events, will require some extra effort to fill - and price reductions are a sweetener that may tempt clients to hold an event during this month.

However, you will have to keep your guests’ comfort in mind when choosing venues: nobody wants to cover their best clothes with multiple layers or shiver through an event held in a drafty hall.

Consider your profit margins carefully - having work that could make little or no profit is self-defeating.

Max Your Busy Season With an All-Out Marketing Drive:

You can start the party when you max out your marketing during quieter times. Showcase your party themes on your social media accounts and in your newsletters.

If you can offer stunning images of the good times, people will be only too happy to take a closer look - and many of your spring brides will have gotten engaged over the festive season.

They’re sure to be very interested in your first quarter advertising!

Targeting businesses means pitching well before their busiest events season.

While November and December see them winding up the year with all manner of celebrations, they’ll be more focused on conducting meetings and seminars at other times.

Show that you’re not just a one-trick pony. Business lunches and conference planning are among your many skills.

Hold an Event of Your Own:

Guess who usually chooses event planners on behalf of companies?

Nine times out of ten, it’s the boss’s personal assistant or secretary.

Consider holding an event on secretaries’ day with speakers, activities, and more. Invite your best customers to send their PAs for free, and cover your costs by charging a small attendance fee for other delegates.

Start your marketing early, and get as many bookings as you can.

Even if you only break even, you get to demonstrate your abilities to the people who matter most: PAs! Be sure to offer leaflets and branded freebies to keep your name fresh in their minds.

Partner with other businesses that want to win their hearts.

You can get free speakers and extras for those goodie bags and a marketing opportunity fee.

Meanwhile, you get all the kudos.

When it's time to get that corporate event into the swing, you have a head start as a company whose hospitality they have experienced and could be the first - or only - events company to be approached.

Have a Specialty:

Although you might have a huge repertoire and can present almost any kind of event, “almost any” isn’t something that will grab the imagination.

Think about what you do well - the most iconic features of the events you present.

  • Are there unusual themes that you’re particularly good at?
  • Do you prefer corporate events or private ones?
  • What differentiates your business from its competitors?

If you still can’t think of anything, think about what your customers compliment you on. It could be the lead you’re looking for.

Having a specialty reduces competition. If you look like every other events company, your only potential competitive edge will be the price point.

That’s not a good place to be. Think about the things that will make people willing to pay more just because it’s you, and be sure to communicate them to your market.

Events planning is a competitive line of business.

Knowing your strengths and delivering incredible experiences will stand you in good stead. Look for patterns in your sales and plan your business budgets accordingly.

Invest in marketing and promotional opportunities, grow your network and use your planning skills to devise a calendar for your business.

When you’re not throwing parties, you’re getting them started!

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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