October 23, 2022

Top Tips For Finding Career Satisfaction

Holding down a job that doesn't make you happy is alright for the short term; after all, everyone has bills that need paying. However, long term, a lack of career satisfaction negatively impacts health and performance, so both employee and employer lose out.

Top Tips For Finding Career Satisfaction: eAskme
Top Tips For Finding Career Satisfaction: eAskme

The good news is that no one needs to stay in an unsatisfying job.

So, if you wake up each morning dreading the workday ahead, it's time to make a change and with the following tips, find that job satisfaction you deserve.

Assess Your Needs:

Many people find that it's not the job they're in that is the cause of dissatisfaction but rather the conditions.

Taking stock of your needs can help you determine if it's a change of role or conditions that are needed.

Someone young children may find that a shift pattern that eats into evenings and weekends takes them away from family time.

Finding a similar role with family-friendly hours, rather than a total career change, may bring their work-life balance back in line.

Take A Personality Test:

Determining your personality type can be an excellent indicator of which industries suit you best.

When you enter a professional that fits how your brain works, it increases the likelihood of finding enjoyment at work.

For example, the best jobs for INTJ personality types let them problem-solve and feel needed, such as lawyer and computer programming.

Put these people in a position with no challenge, and they'll quickly feel bored and frustrated.

Set Goals:

If you've been in a position for a while and are happily costing along, feelings of dissatisfaction can sneak in slowly.

One day you're happy; the next, you're bored and irritable without knowing why.

Setting yourself goals helps break the monotony and keeps work feeling fresh.

Goals don't need to be big, and after reaching a target, it's okay to rest for a short time.

Earn Recognition:

A good employer or manager will notice someone regularly setting and achieving goals.

When new opportunities arise within the company, they’ll look at proactive employees first.

If you’re seen to be that person, you are in good stead to be offered these opportunities.

Recognition by management is an ego boost that brings job satisfaction.


Sometimes you may enjoy your job and not want to leave because it suits your lifestyle, but it no longer challenges you.

Stop boredom setting in by looking outside the workplace for satisfaction and challenge. Volunteering is an excellent way to achieve this.

Use it as an opportunity to gain experience for a later career move, to give back to the community, or find a new passion.

There are many volunteering options available, and you can give as much time as you choose, fitting in with your paid position.

Many things can cause job dissatisfaction, and there are equally as many things that can favorably change the balance.

Once you've figured out if it's the conditions or career that needs changing, there are many things to do that will significantly improve career satisfaction.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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