October 09, 2022

TikTok live Shopping Feature Will Launch in US During Holidays

TikTok is launching Live Shopping in the USA during the holiday season.

The holiday shopping season is the most profitable season for eCommerce sites and shopping stores.

TikTok will take advantage of the holiday shopping season in the United States of America.

TikTok live Shopping Feature USA: eAskme
TikTok live Shopping Feature will launch in the USA: eAskme

Even though TikTok failed to launch the same event in the UK.

The Financial Times report says that TikTok is planning to launch live shopping features for the holiday season in the US.

TikTok live Shopping Feature:

TikTok’s live shopping feature will bring two features’ livestreams and ecommerce, together. 

With this feature, users can buy products without leaving the TikTok app.

Live shopping has more future in Asian countries than the western countries.

TikTok has dropped a live shopping feature in the UK.

This time, TikTok is trying its luck again by launching a live shopping feature in the US for the holiday season.

This time, TikTok partnered with TalkShopLive, a Los-Angeles based company, to make live shopping successful.

TalkShopLive has been running shopping streams successfully for the last 4 years, and they have all the tools necessary for this feature.

Till now, TalkShopLive has not signed any contract with TikTok. So there are no official announcements.

TikTok’s plan is displaying its focus on the live shopping feature.

Influencers and brands on TikTok sell products, and TikTok earns a commission for each sale.

Live shopping is quite successful in countries like China. Every year, live streaming generates billions of dollars. But in western countries, consumers are not very much interested.

Facebook has already dropped the live shopping feature to focus on short videos.

TikTok is the short-video giant. They want to make it more profitable with a live shopping feature.


Even though TikTok is serious about the live shopping feature, it is unclear whether TikTok will allow every business or influencer to use it or only a limited number of businesses can access live shopping.

Things will become clear when TikTok will make an official announcement.

TikTok Live shopping feature in the US will succeed only if the consumers start behaving like consumers in China.

TikTok is expecting some miracle from their collaboration with TalkShopLive.

It is good to see what will happen to the Live shopping feature. If it launches in the US or TikTok will see success.

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